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July 15, 2009
Dear Kassidy

Dear Kassidy,

  It doesn't seem possible that you have been in heaven for two years now.  Not a day goes by that we do not think of you....we miss you so much!  In the mornings as I drive to work I tell you "good morning" because you have helped God paint the sky a beautiful pink for all of us to enjoy!  Everytime I see anything with "sassy" on it, we remember that sassy attitude!  I miss your beautiful smile but most of all I miss hearing your sweet little voice!!

  Life has changed since you have been gone.  We don't take anything for granted any more.  Things that seemed important before, we realized weren't all that important.  When we get the chance to do something or go somewhere...we do...for we may not get the chance again.  You never know where life is going to take you next so we take advantage of every moment we can. 

  Courtney has grown up so much!  Can you believe that she will be in High School next year??  She will definately need you to watch out for her then.  She is scared to go to High will be the first thing that she has had to do without you telling her what it would be like.  Court always had you to do things first and assure her it would be OK.  I know you will be with her helping her along the way and helping her make the right decisions.  I hope you can help her have good friends and choose her friends wisely.  She continues to do gymnastics.  She is a Level 8.  Tomorrow the gym is celebrating your life and your Heavenly birthday with all the kids wearing pink and they are going to have a little get together with PINK cupcakes!  I know everyone there still thinks about you and misses you too!  At FlipFest camp this year Courtney got to meet Nastia Luikin, 2008 Olympic champion.  She said that Nastia was very nice.  Even previous Olympians have come to remember you at the second annual Kassidys Rock Star Invitational meet.  Tarin Humphreys was the guest this year!!  The meet has gotten so big that we had to hold the meet at Christiansburg Middle school.  You would be so proud at how much this meet has grown in just two years.  John M and John R (former Olympians) gave a scholarship to FlipFest to the gymnast that had the highest Bar score for the whole meet,  since this was your favorite event!  The girls did a Karaoke routine and their shirts said KassidysKrew on them!  Still kept you part of the group!! I think that you will be a part of their hearts and lives forever!

   There is still alot of people that remember you...Miss VA 2008 has one of your Kassidy bracelets.  During the pageant, she mentioned that Courtney had told her your story and she will never forget it!!  She is raising money for pediatric cancer and in Sept. she is planning to shave her head!!  I know alot of the kids at school and at gymnastics still wear their bracelets.  And me, Dad and Courtney wear ours everyday!!  We never go anywhere without them.

  As we sit and write this (and cry) we go back to day one when our lives changed forever.  You were so strong and inspirational through your whole fight!  We look at you and admire your strength and faith! We will forever have a special place in our hearts and you will never be forgotten! 

  We love you and we miss you!!

                              Mom,Dad and Courtney

  We will forever....."walk in the foot steps of a champion... in our sport and in our hearts".  You will forever be


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