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Updates on Kassidy

November 21, 2007
Kassidy Remembered

On  Nov.17th, Tammy Courtney and I went to Fredricksburg Va to visit Paragon Gymnastics.As you may remember from a previous update, the last time Kassidy competed there,she won 1st place on vault in her age group.Paragon has been so supportive along with many other gymnastics clubs, they gave out the 1st Kassidy trophy that was awarded to the gymnast that won 1st place on vault, a young lady from Richmond Olymnapid won the trophy. They awarded us with a plaque that says "presented to the Foster Family......2007 Commonwealth Cup Level 7 Vault Champion Award is dedicated in  memory of   KASSIDY FOSTER"---      "walking in the footsteps of a Champion... in our sport and in our hearts".

That trophy will be presented to to the level 7 champion from Paragon as long as they have that meet at their  gym.

On Nov 18th we went to the Hotel Roanoke where the Old Domoin Eye Foundation has a Christmas tree ever year, All the families of loved ones who donated some of their organs are invited to hang on ornament in honor of their loved on  the tree.We framed a close up picture of Kassidy that showed her beautiful blue eyes, that is what we had donated. One set of her corneas went to Manassas Va and the other went to Sacramanto California.

Kassidy's birthday is on Dec 10th she would have been 13, so on Sunday Dec 16th, we are meeting at the cemetery to release balloons for her birthday at 2:30. This is an open invitation to you if you would like to attend, her headstone in which we have some neat designs of Kassidy should be in place by then .(Wilson Cemetery in Check Va)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, it will be alot different this year without Kass but we have alot to be thankful for, we know Kassidy is in heaven with the one she loved so much,Gods plan for her in 12 years was a legacy, What Legacy will you leave  to your family and friends  when you  are  gone, think about that.God made you, you are not here by accident, He made you and put you on this earth for a reason, and lifes greatest joy comes when we discover his purpose for our lives and we begin to follow it.If you had a choice to die young and change alot of people(or the world)or die old and change no one....what would you choose, Kassidy had no choice, she discovered Gods purpose for her and she followed it. It is not to late for you to discover your purpose  and to follow it...."  Keep Believing" ........Kassidy did.

Thanks for your prayers and support We will update soon.

Danny Tammy Courtney and "Our Champion Kassidy"

November 6, 2007
Letters to Kassidy from her friends

Over the past several months since Kassidy went to Heaven, we have received cards, hugs, hand shakes, phone calls, e-mails, anything that someone had on their heart to tell us they where thinking about us. But recently we received a poem from Kayla Underwood, and Chelsea Lambert signed, they went to school with Kass ... these two touched Tammy's and my heart so I would like to share it with you....word for word... they are to Kassidy not to us,  this is PRICELESS.

hey Kassidy                                                         

i really miss u, life is soo different since u left, i think of you often, so does all my friends at FCHS. i try totalk to you in my prayers wondering if you can hear me, hoping you can. i wish i could have seen you more, gotten to know you better, and could have at least said goodbye. i am extremely sad you are gone,but happy you are healed. if you can hear me tell Jesus i said hi, i miss you so much. i saw a picture of u the other day, and began to cry, it amazes me i still can, after all the tears came from my eyes already, well bibi for now i miss you.    Chelsa


My Best Friend, My Hero, My Champion 

is looking down on me today saying I am ok.....


I'm right here with you and miss you too.


I know you can't see me but you can feel me.


I love you as much as you love me ,


Tell daddy I'm still his baby girl,


Tell momma not to shed her tears because I'm always going to be right here.


Tell Courtney she's not alone she still has her best friend because its never going


to be the end.


I'll be here everyday when you feeling the pain


I'm your little angel that wants you to have it all and more.


So Kassidy my blonde hair blue eyed angel wait for me with JESUS at those gates


of Pearl!!!!!


( Kayla Underwood)

                            Thank You so much, please continue to pray for us, Kassidys 13th birthday is Dec.10th... Christmas ... and her 40 weeks of chemo would have ended in Dec also. I will update with some more of the words Kassidy wrote herself  in her journal during her fight.

Danny Tammy Courtney and "Our Champion Kassidy"

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