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May 13, 2008
Kassidy remembered at CES

The 7th grade class at Check Elementary School dedicated this years Yearbook to Kassidy.  We went to the yearbook assembly and they presented the first yearbook to Danny, Tammy and Courtney.  On the back cover is a picture of the pink balloons at the release they had at the school.  The other picture is of Kassidy's classmates sitting in the grass in the shape of a ribbon.  This was beautiful!  Then you turn 2 pages into the yearbook to a two page layout of PINK!!  One side is pictures with Kassidy Forever In Our Hearts written in a big heart.  Also on this page Courtney wrote a note that said "Kassidy Foster is my sister.  She was the greatest sister in the world.  I am sure she was a very good friend.  I know she is with me and my family too.  She is with you guys too! Kassidy will stay in my heart forever and ever.  I Love You Kassidy!"  On the opposite page is the dedication page written by Kayla Underwood...the friend that spoke at Kassidy's memorial service and funeral.  I know this is kinda long but I wanted to put down what she wrote.  We had a chance to preview this before the yearbooks were printed.  We didn't change anything because I know this came straight from the heart and that's what matters.  So here is the dedication: 

What does it take to be a champion?  Will, determination, talent, drive, kindness?  It is rare to find all these qualities in one person.  Our community was blessed to be in the presence of a true champion: Kassidy Jordan Foster.

Kassidy was a 12 year old girl, an active gymnast, honor student, loving daughter, and kind friend.  Kassidy aspired to be a great friend, to be understanding and trustworthy, to be kind and not argue, Kassidy wanted to be the bigger person in everything she did.  Little did Kassidy know, or any of us know, what was in store for her.

In January 2007, while training in gymnastics, she fell and hurt her knee.  Kassidy had been sick over the past few months and gymnastics injuries were nothing new, but her knee would not heal.  Kassidy's parents, Danny and Tammy, and her sister Courtney took her to the doctor at the end of March.

They finally found out that she had osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer.  Kassidy and her family were scared, but optimistic, their strength came from Kassidy, and she knew whatever happened she was going to be happy.  She had thousands of people all over the world supporting her.  Check Elementary and the whole county of Floyd supported Kassidy and two little boys with brain cancer named Chance and Joshua, through fundraisers and the website  We had t-shirts, bracelets, held bake sales, walks and more.  While we were supporting them they were strong and fought, keeping Floyd strong and bringing the community together.

For four months Kassidy fought, she braved a leg amputation and chemotherapy, a fight only a true champion can win.  At the beginning of July she went to California on a "Make-A-Wish" trip to shop at a four story mall.  She told her daddy it was the best day of her life.  On the flight back home Kassidy started to have difficulty breathing.  The day she returned home they put her in the hospital.  The doctors said she had only a short time, Kassidy's lung had collapsed and the other one was beginning to deflate.  She fought, with her family by her side, until her last breath.  On July 16, 2007 at 8:35 she passed away.    Kassidy kept fighting until the time was right.

Everyone has a purpose and I think Kassidy's was to show people how strong you can really be.  To take a look at what you have and be thankful for it.  Kassidy was my best friend, a hero and a CHAMPION! Kassidy will never be forgotten and we will always miss her!

At the end of the assembly they did a slide show and in it was some pictures in memory of Kassidy.  I'm glad that Kassidy had such an impact on these kids!  It was amazing to see the kids with KJ written on their faces and they were wearing their shirts made to support her during her fight! I only hope that they remember the strength and courage that she had and hold on to that when they go through lifes struggles.

Please continue to check in as we will be updating some things coming Danny will be speaking at the 7th grade recognition service on the 23rd.  We continue to do things in her memory and still read the well wishes and guestbook and want to thank everyone for keeping us in their thoughts and prayers.  Please continue to do so as we are coming up on the year anniversary of Kassidy going to heaven.  What a celebration she will be having on her first birthday in Heaven!!

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