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Updates on Kassidy

March 6, 2008

Hello to everyone!  I know it has been several months since we updated but so much has been going on.  We are keeping busy with Courtney's gymnastics meets and various functions in Kassidy's memory.  First we would like to tell everyone about the blood drive that was held in Rocky Mount in Kassidy's honor and memory.  We had 54 donors that day...16 of those were first time donors!!  That was wonderful!!  We are still planning to do another blood drive this spring/summer in Christiansburg as well and hope to get an even better response to that one.  We also had a meet at our gymnastics facility called  "Kassidy's Rock Star Invitational".  They gave special awards to each level gymnast that had the highest event score.  For the Level 7 Courtney won the award which was a plaque and it was called the Kassidy Foster Rock Star Award.  This was special to Courtney.  Courtney also had her highest overall score of the year at this meet...that was a fitting tribute to Kassidy!!  Check out the news article about the meet at  We have also traveled recently to Atlanta,GA and Columbus,OH for meets there as well.  So we have been very busy and on the go lately.  At the Kassidy meet the parents presented us with a picture that was drawn by an artist.  It touched us that the parents would do this and it is a very special picture to us.  It is 16X20 and is a drawing of Jesus hugging Kassidy.  You can even see the nail marks in Jesus' hand.  They both are looking towards you and there is a look on Kassidy's face that makes you think that she is saying " I miss you all but I wouldn't be anywhere else".  It's a look of contentment and peacefulness.  We will try to get a copy to put on this site.  Also please check out to see the video of Kassidy doing her gymnastics routines. We will try to update again soon and add some pictures.  Continue to pray for all those that continue their fight.

Danny,Tammy,Courtney and "Our Champion" Kassidy


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