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October 21, 2007
Its been 3 months and times are still hard!!!!

It's been a little over 3 months since Kassidy lost her fight and times are still hard. I still find it hard to believe she is not with us any more, she will always be in our hearts.  Every time I close my eyes I see her face.  I know she is home and fully healed and that makes me homesick.  We had the song "Home Sick" by Mercy Me played at Kassidy's services.  That song is different when you have lost a loved one, you know they are home (heaven) and being homesick is truly what the song is about.

We prayed for Kassidy to be healed on this earth, that was not GOD'S will. I received a letter from Pastor Gary Martin (he was Kassidy's Children's pastor and now pastors a church in Martinsville, Va,) he was one of the pastors during the services. The letter talks about a man who was 58 years old and had cancer.  He got mad at GOD because he would not be able to see his children and grand-children grow old.  He was angy that this all-powerful GOD would not heal him. His wife called a pastor to pray for him, which he did the letter stated.  The lady called the pastor and thanked him for praying for her husband and told him that he had died. She also told the pastor that he was not mad at GOD anymore after he had prayed for him.  She told him they read the bible and prayed together before he passed.  She told the pastor, "My husband was not cured, but he was healed."  Think about it we prayed for the healing and that is what GOD did for us.  Kassidy loved Jesus, she would defend him, she would let no one do any thing without acknowledging him.  Kassidy told Tammy not to worry about her, she was going to be ok.  A pastor told me today...."GOD showed Kassidy a glimpse of heaven so she would not be afraid."  I feel something happened to Kassidy to comfort her, I think back now about how strong she was, the things she said, the way she acted never really showed how much pain she was in.  She struggled some, but not the way people think she did.

Scriptures in the Bible do not support people in heaven having knowledge about what we do on earth. I believe that when Kassidy got to heaven, she was able to tell my mother and Tammy's grandmother things we were doing, I believe everytime someone goes to heaven they tell everyone there what they need to know.  Kassidy will get to meet the people whose life she changed and they will tell her all the things being done in her honor.  I hope that Kassidy remembers the way Tammy and I raised her, as a christian.  I hope she says, "My mom, dad and sister were right ...there really is a heaven."  I hope she remembers all the conversations she and I had about heaven.  I know she will be waiting for me when I get there.

There are people who will read this.....young or old, single or married, rich or poor, some who have lost a parent, brother or sister, husband or wife....but if you are reading this and you have lost a child, one of your own, you understand that losing your child to a horrible disease like cancer and watching them die and there is nothing!!!!, I mean Nothing!!! you or anyone  else can do.  If you can face this and get through it, nothing else compares to it.  Anything else you face in life, you can get through it.  I Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, "Be joyful, pray continually no matter the circumstances, give thanks always for this is GOD'S will in Christ Jesus."

Thanks for your continued prayers and support . Share Kassidy's story with someone and please continue to check in on her website.  We will update soon.

Danny, Tammy, Courtney and "Our Champion Kassidy"

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