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Updates on Kassidy

August 22, 2007
Two people are seeeing for the first time!!!!!

We received a letter from the Old Dominion Eye Bank , the letter said......Take comfort that both of Kassidys donated corneas were transplated.Two people are now able to see a sunset, a mountain range, or a loved one's smile because of this difficult decision your family made. One of her corneas went to a recipient in Mannassas Virginia and her other cornea went to a recipient in Sacramento California. I hope this knowledge will ease the pain by the loss of your loved one during this difficult time.

This does help because this is something we prayed for to happen. We thank GOD those prayers were answered.It is cool because Kassidy is helping people from Va to California, we hope there will be a time that we can meet these people or at least talk to them on the phone.

Courtney has went back to school and is doing ok, she is still doing gymnastics also now she wants to play basketball.  I have returned to work. Tammy will return on Monday, she wanted to make sure Courtney was ok in school. Friday at Kassidys school, each student will release a pink balloon(400 of them) and then they are going to plant a pink dogwood at the school.They are doing this in Kassidys honor. Tammy and I are going to attend along with some members of our family.

We have been going through some of Kassidys things , we have alot of cool stories to share so keep checking in for future updates .We miss her so much, it is still times when we say something about "the girls".. it is still hard to believe she is not here with us.I have always thought that she was at camp, spending the night with one of her friends, or she will come home tomorrow, well  I got up one morning last week and I realized she was not coming home.but that is ok ,we know she is not hurting anymore and having the best times in heaven.

Keep checking in.....Kassidys page will continue to be updated for a very long time .You guys are our family and we love each and everyone of you, please continue to pray for us and especially the ones who does not know Jesus. We dont know when our life will change , In Janurary our family was  healthy, going places, visiting family and look how that changed. So love your loved ones unconditionally....tomorrow may not be here, make the best of the time that you have. I will update again soon

Danny Tammy Courtney and "Our Champion" Kassidy

August 5, 2007
Time at home

Just a quick update to let everyone know how we are doing. We had a fairly busy week .We spent time at home,going to gymnastics with Courtney, spending some time with my family and Tammys family. We went to church Wednesday night, it was emotional for us because we have not been to a Wed. night service in a while, but also we had not been there since Kassidys memorial service. We went to Blacksburg to the "Stepping Out" where Courtneys gymnastics club got to put on a performance for the crowd. Thanks to some of my officiating buddies Amy and Rob Morrow for stopping by just to visit Tammy and myself. After we left there we went out to eat and then went bowling with my sister and her boyfriend,we had fun but it was tuff because we have always had Kassidy with us at both places. I also went to work Thursday for meetings all day.

We got to spend 4 months with Kassidy and we have so many stories with her during that time so on my future updates I want to share some of those stories with everyone, some of them will be sad but they will also make make you well like I hear on a radio station ..."warm and fuzzy". We  want to encourage everyone to keep visiting same fight and      .  She has over 60,000 hits on there we will continue to update there to. Also keep doing the donations although Kassidys fight is over... samefight has a general fund that is helping other families so there is a need there to. We are in the process of starting scholarships in Kassidys name at Floyd County High School(where she would have attended) and also my family is going to have one at Franklin County High School(where I graduated) we have alot of cool stuff happening so keep checking in especially for the stories we have to share with you guys about Kassidy during her fight. 

We have received so many cards from people that has told us stories about how Kasssidy has changed peoples lives. I am going to put our email on here. I want you to email us and tell us your stories   Thanks so much we will update soon

Danny Tammy Courtney and our Champion "Kassidy"

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