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October 4, 2008
living life

What a beautiful Fall day it was today.  I went to the Floyd County Craft show today and it was a beautiful day to be out and visit with everyone.  I talked with Desirae while there and even bought several of her jewelry pieces.  One was a pair of angel earrings and I also bought 2 cancer bracelets.  They were bracelets with beads the different colors associated with the various types of cancer.  She is donating part of the money she receives from them to charity.  It was great talking to her.  We talked about ways to help out locally for those children with cancer and even just the kids that had to be hospitalized.  We talked about all the "crafts" that Chance and Kassidy had received while they were sick and never had the opportunity to use.  We would love to get these donated to the pediatric/onocology at Roanoke Memorial.  That way other kids can enjoy them!  I think this is a wonderful idea!

Courtney also had a basketball game today.  Along with gymnastics she is playing Rec ball and me and Danny are even coaching her team.  We may not be the best team but the girls are improving and learning alot of fundamentals...most of all they are having FUN!  Courtney even scored a 3 pointer today! Amazing!

In the next few months Courtney will start her gymnastics competitions.  She will be competeing at a Level 8 this year.  The first meet we have is at Paragon gymnastics.  This is the meet that gives out the Kassidy Foster Vault award to the Level 7 with the highest vault score.  We are looking forward to going back to this meet and seeing all the coaches/parents there again.  They are some of the nicest people in ou gymnastics family.  Then we are going to West Va, Tenn, Atlantic City,NJ and Clemson University, SC.  We are traveling more this year and look forward to some exciting meets.  Our gym is also doing the "Kassidys Rock Star Invitational" meet again this year.  We are glad that we still have things that are being done in her memory.  It helps us that people still remember her.......

It's still hard for us and we have come to accept the fact that this is our life and we will always have a certain sadness with us always. But along with the sadness we have the happy memories as well and we have to keep going....Kassidy would want it that way!  She lived life to the fullest and even through her treatments she lived life on the edge never knowing when her last day would come.  She had no guarantee for tomorrow and neither do we.  The fact is, we have no idea what lies ahead for us. So we should just live life to the fullest everyday!Live the Kassidy way!

Living without Kassidy is sad, even though she is gone ... she will always live.  And she continues to live in the hearts and minds of thousands of people.  She just went to Heaven earlier than we did and we know she will be there when we get there.  And until that day comes we will continue to try to keep as much faith as Kassidy had and live a life that is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord so that we will be assured that we see her again!

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