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Updates on Kassidy

June 23, 2008

One year.....we can't believe that's it's been almost a year since Kassidy was healed and went to live with Jesus.  Many moments were filled with worry, anger, frustration and grief.  You don't know absolute helplessness until you have seen your innocent child withering away in a hospital bed....knowing that nothing, no person, no technology, no amount of money or power can keep her alive.  No matter what the future held, we made the most of each day we had with her.  We made many memories laughing, goofing off and just being near the amazing child that we would come to call our hero and "our champion".  

We believe that while this illness could have destroyed a family, and many families are broken after losing a child, it also had the potential to strengthen a family.  Our family is emotionally closer.  We no longer take things for granted.  We see the value in living every day to the fullest. 

Now learning to live after the loss of a child, we feel we have learned a tremendous amount about life.  You can learn more about what's really important in life in a few short months on a pediatric cancer ward than most people will learn in a lifetime.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Parents get upset for some of the smallest and silliest things.  Their child gets a stain on their good's just a shirt.  At least they were able to eat, drink, play or whatever it was that created the stain.  Kids are kids...let them be, have fun, slow down and really interact with your kids.  Laundry and house cleaning can usually wait a few hours while you spend some quality time with your children.  There are so many things that we used to think were such a big deal, but now seem so small in the big picture of life.  Most important is to hug your kids a little tighter, hug your spouse,parent,nieces,nephews,cousins,etc.  Tell them you love them.  You never know what might happen that you wont get that chance again.

Our family experience with childhood cancer has made us survivors.  We have lived through it and learned from it.  It has strengthened us in who we are individually and as a family.  As we reflect on this life changing experience it seems like only yesterday though it has been almost a year.  We've met many people along the way that will remain in our lives forever.  Because of those strangers, friends, and our family we have survived.  And for that support we will forever be grateful.


Your laughter and your smiling face

That twinkle in your eye

Your sassy little attitude

And the clothes you loved to buy!

The jewelry and all the bling

The make-up and gymnastics

You were growing up so fast

We always called you "plastic".

Computer,cell phone and AIM

Never anywhere without them

Talking with friends, having fun

and being silly at the gym.

Beautiful on the inside and out

God called you to live in Heaven

You changed the world with the heart you had

And forever we will keep BELIEVING!!


Keep Believing...Kassidy did!!



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