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Updates on Kassidy

April 13, 2008
Looking Back

It's been several updates since I have posted. Tammy has done the past several updates so I ask her if I could post something this time.  I have sat down in front of this computer many times during the past several weeks with the intentions of posting something, but I really had a hard time.

I still find it hard to believe that all of that happened. It is amazing the way Kassidy's fight is still on peoples hearts.  So many things have happened since July 16th 2007. There have been blood drives in Kassidy's honor and memory.  A scholorship from Fredricksburg Va Paragon Gymnastics has been established to remember Kassidy.  John Macready and John Rothlisberger... 2 former Olympians have started the Kassidy Foster memorial scholorship at Flipfest (a 9 week camp). We also learned during one of Courtney's meets in Knoxville TN (Flip fest) that a gym from North Carolina started a "penny's for Kassidy fundraiser" and they raised enough money to have 2 scholorships at Flip fest in Kassidy's memory.   (search Kassidy Foster Memorial scholorship). Kassidy and Courtney's home gym in Christiansburg Va ( held the Kassidys Rock Star Invitational and the State of Va board called the VAUSGA, they regulate all of the gymnatics teams in Va, chose Kassidy to receive the Spirit Award. She was the Va Gymnastics "Athlete of the year in 2007".  Her coach said it took all of 5 seconds for the board to pass that vote to honor Kassidy.

Kassidy started her tough journey to heaven on March 29th  and through it all my family stayed the course and kept our focus on GOD and you are right it was very hard to do that at times.  A major crisis hit my family last year, losing a son or a daughter at such a young age is the pinnacle of all crisis..... nothing else compares.  I lost my mother to cancer in 2001 and thru it all the enemy would throw all kinds of bad news and he would use it to to push us away from GOD. Kassidy knew she was not going to win the battle on earth but the comfort that GOD gave her was true. She faced knowing she was going to die head on and never lost her sight on Jesus.  He showed her a glimpse of heaven and she was not scared to die.  The same spirit that comforted Kassidy and us is the same spirit that comforted Jesus Christ on the cross. The enemy kept hitting us but he did not prevail.... GOD in us did and that is how we keep going.  I recently met a new friend and he had lost his father and we were talking and he gave me a very powerful word that no one else had.  He told me that he believed that GOD will use certain people to carry out his work in the form of angels. He said since Kassidy faced death the way she did and won that she will go to people who are facing the same thing she went thru. She will comfort them in her way and tell them  I have done this GOD will take care of you.

It is amazing the way GOD is using children to draw the unbelievers to him. I saw on TV where over 80,000 people where saved in Russia because of a teenage girl. GOD used my daughter the same way and for that I know I will get to see her again. Tammy told me she had a dream.  She dreamed that Courtney ,Tammy and myself were at an amusement park and I told Courtney to go back to the park and get me something. Tammy said she got scared Courtney would get lost so we started looking for her. Tammy dreamed she was looking for Courtney and was very upset and Kassidy came out of the crowd and hugged her, she said she could feel Kassidy squeezing her and then  she woke up. Tammy said that is Kassidy's way of telling her she is ok. 

We are doing ok.  I can honestly tell you that GOD's grace and comfort to us is real and so is he.  Kassidy knew more about GOD than some people do in a lifetime. She was my daughter and I feel she died before her time.  I always wonder what she would be like now she would be 13, but GOD'S time is always right.  We have an "On Time GOD".  Keep GOD the center of your life.... and remember you are one step away from your miracle and be ready to take that step. The love of GOD is like the can see the beginning but not the end.

I ask you to come back to this site and read our updates from last year.  Take care.  Thanks for your prayer and support you have given us and "Keep Believing.....Kassidy did."

Danny, Tammy, Courtney and" Our Champion Kassidy"

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