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Updates on Kassidy

December 19, 2007
Merry Christmas from the Foster's

Just a quick entry to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season from the Foster's.

Danny, Tammy, Courtney and
'Our Champion Kassidy'

Merry Christmas Kassidy!
We love and miss you!
Mom, Dad and Courtney

December 16, 2007
Balloon release

We are still going to be doing the balloon release at Wilson Cemetery today to celebrate Kassidy's 13th birthday.  Anyone that wants to attend is welcome.  The ice here is melting rapidly but I know the wind is going to be getting up later.  We will release the balloons at the cemetery but will not stay too long due to the temperature and wind.  Kassidy's tombstone is set and is our tribute to her.  We welcome everyone to stop and take a look at it.  Also we have a memorial garden in our front yard and we welcome anyone that wants to stop and look at that as well.  This spring it will be prettier as all the plants will bloom...of course all are pink!!

Yesterday we attended the Christmas Gathering for the gymnastics team.  We love to attend these events with our gymnastics families that has given us so much support.  But at the same time, this is one of the saddest times for us as well.  We have always attended these with both Kassidy and Courtney and these are the times that we have to face the reality of a family of three now.  Courtney had a good time visiting with all of her friends! Also the gym is gving a Kassidy Foster Memorial Scholarship award.  The coaches nominate 5 girls and they have to write an essay about being a team, being caring and giving, overcoming obstacles and what gymnastics means to them.  These were given to the sholarship commitee as an anonymous essay and they were voted on.  They presented the award yesterday as well.  The recepient was Colleen Shang which is a level 10 gymnast.  It was a good essay and made me cry.  Congratulations to Colleen!!

We know that the days ahead are going to be tough but we will be alright with Gods help and grace.  We will make this the best Christmas we can for Courtney's sake and the rest of the family.  We have our Kassidy angel ornament at the top of our tree and she will always be with us.  Even though she is not here in body she will be with us at Christmas and every day because she will always be in our hearts!!

I hope that every one slows down and enjoys the time that they have to spend with all their relatives and friends!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and God Bless you all!

December 7, 2007
Happy Birthday Kassidy!

Kassidy Jordan Foster
"Our Champion"
Born December 10, 1994

And enjoy your first birthday in heaven. 
We love and miss you,
Mom, Dad and Courtney

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