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October 22, 2009

           HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANCE.  Well I guess everyone was wondering if we were every going to update again.  Time flies, we get busy, and most of all just have not taken the time, but wanted to make today an exception because of the special occasion of Chance’s birthday.  He would have turned 7 today.  I was checking the website the other day to see how many people still checked on us daily and to no surprise it is several hundred a day.  You will never know how much the support not only through our time with Chance, but the support you continue to give us keeps us going. 

            The family is doing great; Desirae has been trying to keep the kids from fighting each other while working on her jewelry.  She has done two shows and has had a lot of business.  Her cancer bracelets have really been a big hit and the best thing about them is that the proceeds go to help the research on Chance’s type tumor.  Destiny is doing very well too, growing extremely fast, now not extremely tall, but I know she will not be 6 foot.  She has started preschool again this fall and really loves it.  Chaycen is looking more and more like his older brother everyday, hard to believe, but November 4th he will be a year old.  He has been walking now for about month.  He has a lot of the same similarities as Chance and reminds a lot of him.  As for me things are good, we are getting ready to start basketball season on November 16th.  We have been doing camps through the summer and have started open gyms this fall.  I have a really good group of kids all the way through.

            As a family we have taken several trips.  Back in May for Destiny’s birthday we went to Williamsburg to Busch Gardens , which Destiny wanted to ride everything there.  Good thing for me that someone had to watch Chaycen and that she wasn’t big enough to ride everything.  We also went back to the Great Wolf Lodge and had a blast riding every water slide there.  In July Desirae, I, and Jason and Tara Underwood went to Daytona for the race, which is always a great trip.  We had a hardware show in August in Boston and we had a great time.  Pretty expensive, but a great place to visit.  Then in September we always go to the beach after rates drop with mom and dad.  Weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun.  Trips are done now just preparing for the holidays. 

            Along with Chance’s birthday today we took our check down to Duke.  Back in late May we gave out our scholarships to Floyd, Radford, Glenvar, and Giles in a total amount of $7,500.00.  The remaining amount of $8,165.00 went to Duke today for pediatric brain tumor research.  This money was raised at Chance’s tournament last year.  We have started making plans for the tournament this year and have added two more teams to get us to a totally of 10 with 5 games.  The date will be January 2nd 2010.  We will be doing a BBQ dinner again this year being catered by the same guys as last year, this was a crowd favorite.  I hope that you get the opportunity to come up and watch some great teams, players, and coaches and also get a great meal too.  The teams this year will be Pathway Christian Vs Auburn, Patrick County Vs Christiansburg, George Wythe Vs Giles, Blacksburg Vs Radford, and Fort Chiswell Vs Floyd.  There will be more information upcoming so keep checking the website also if you are interested in helping any way please email me at  

            Once again I want to thank each and every one of you for all that you have done and continue to do.  We love each and every one of you.  Hope to see you at the Classic in January and thanks for celebrating Chance’s 7th birthday today.

God Bless,

Brian, Desirae, Destiny, and Chaycen

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