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Updates on Chance

December 14, 2007
Merry Christmas!

Wanted to give an update from here in Willis.  As some of you know a year ago today our life was changed forever.  A year ago this morning we found out that Chance had a brain tumor.  The past year still seems like such a blur, how things can change so fast.  I would have never believed that that we would be sitting here right know with one less child.  I am very thankful for the grace and peace that God has provided us over the last year, because with out that there is no way we could have made it.  I am also thankful for the promise that he has given us to be able to see him again.  This is priceless and we take it for granted so much.

Destiny is doing well; she still talks about Brub Brub a lot.  The last shot in the video on the article in the Roanoke Times explains it all where she is waving to him.  Those times are really hard.  Yesterday we took Destiny to see Santa Claus, this was hard to because I can remember taking Chance last year before his first surgery.  He loved riding the train, it was difficult seeing all of the other brothers and sisters talking to Santa together and riding the train together.  Destiny and I were on the second level looking down at all of the kids having fun.  I just wonder what she thinks, it just doesnít seem fair to her.  I can deal with it, but Chance was so proud of her and she loved him so much. 

We have taken a few items up to Chanceís special place.  Other friends and relatives have brought gifts, Christmas trees, and memorial items.  Desirae and Destiny go up every few days, and I go up before every game.  We have decorated for Christmas, a lot of the items and things he helped me put up last year, the train under the tree was his favorite.  He also loved the blow-ups outside, we have one with two penguins popping out of an igloo, he said one was him and one was Destiny. 

The article that Jared Turner did was great, sometimes it was tough to talk about the situation again, but he put a lot of time into it.  Justin Cook the photographer spent a lot of time with us as well.  If you havenít seen it yet go to

Basketball is in full swing and we are just getting ready for Christmas.  We just got home from being in a Live Nativity.  I can remember last year, Chance loved feeding the donkey.  It just seems like so long ago since we have seen him.  There is not one day that goes by that we donít think about him.  Destiny and he would be having so much fun right now. 

The basketball tournament was supposed to be scheduled for tomorrow, but with the ice storm moving in we have decided to move it to the 5th of January.  Hopefully there will be better weather and the BBQ dinner will be a successful event too.  We hope that everyone that had planned on coming will be able to make it that day and maybe some that were not going to be able to make it tomorrow will be able to make it on the 5th.

I want to congratulate Mitch and Jody Reed on the birth of their little girl today.  I also want to Thank everyone for what they have done for us over the last year.  God has gotten us through this tough situation, but the prayers and the support you guys gave us was very important and meant more than you will ever know.  I know we will never be able to repay each and every one of you, but just know that we love you and we appreciate what you did for us. 

As this holiday season approaches, I just ask you to love your family, hug your kids.  We have been taught so much from this situation.  I know over the past 30 years I havenít always made the right decisions or said the right things, but if you have a problem with a friend or a family member, work it out.  Life is too short to go through it being mad at someone.  If we can just keep our focus on God and keep pushing for the goal of getting to Heaven, life will be a lot simpler.  There are times where you have to stand your ground for what is right, but in the end pray for the situation and for what is best for the situation.  Then sit back and watch God go to work, so many times we want to make the decisions, but put God first let him drive, the ride will be a lot smoother.  Don't get upset if the lights don't work or the traffic doesn't move.  Be thankful for the blessings that you do have, enjoy, laugh, have fun each day.  This doesn't need to be a stressfull time, don't forget about the true meaning of this time of the year, it isn't all of the packages or the lights, there is a very important birthday.  Let someone out in traffic, say Merry Christmas to someone, make this the best Christmas that you have every had.  Thank you for all of your prayers, well wishes, and support.  There are still a lot of you that we have never met, but thank you for getting us through this year.  Once again if you see us out some where come up and speak to us, we would love to hear how Chance may have touched you life.  If you get an opportunity, get up to Floyd County High School on the 5th of January.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, just remember hug everyone and tell everyone how much they mean to you and how much you love them, because things can change a lot in a year. 

I received a prayer request from a parent and I wanted to share it with you, and I also wanted to share a Christmas Card that we received with you.


Our prayer request today is not just for Alaina but for all the children and families now and in the past that have battled childhood cancer.



We ask you to pray for the families fighting childhood cancer now.


We ask you to pray for strength to face the uncertainty of childhood cancer and its problems.

We ask you to pray for faith to realize that God is in charge and we are not.

We ask you to pray for courage to continue the fight when times are tough.

We ask you to pray for compassion for others when we see their pain.

We ask you to pray for hope when all seems too hard to cope.

We ask you to pray for understanding when we do not understand.



We ask you to pray for strength, faith, courage, compassion, hope and understanding for the parents

of the children that have lost their battle with childhood cancer.


Please pray for the mother that said today


" I am waiting on a sigh from her to let me know she is ok and I go to sleep every night saying

goodnight and blowing her a kiss, hoping that she will enter into one of my dreams and offer me another chance to hold her.  


Please pray for the mother that said today" These are some things I will never get to do."


I will never get to say happy birthday # 2. We barley got to say happy birthday # 1.

I will never get to watch her excitedly open a present.

I will never get to walk her to her first day of class.

I will never get to potty train a little girl.

I will never get to see her wrestle her brothers to the floor.

I will never get to take her to Sunday School and hear about what she learned.

I will never get to hear her read.

I will never get to go to G.A. Camp.

I will never get to hear her sing.

I will never get to kiss her boo boo from falling off her bike.

I will never get to feed her lemon and watch her face.

I will never get to do girly things like talk about boys, poems, and shopping.

I will  never see her cry from heart ache.

I will never see her in a wedding gown.

I will never worry about her driving.

I will never worry about her being in an abusive relationship.

I will never worry about her getting into drugs and alcohol.

I will never worry about her being sick.

I will never worry about her ....

Because I know where she is.


Take time this Christmas to hold your children close and most of all thank God for the gift of His Son.


John 3:16

  Alaina was a young girl with ATRT that we kept up with that is beating this monster; please keep her in your prayers.


The Christmas Card that we received said on the front




            Little baby on the hay, soon thereíll be another day when nails shall pierce Your hands and feet as You provide our sinís defeat.  Risen Jesus on the throne, we lift our praise to You aloneófor Youíre the gift that we receive the moment that our hearts believe. ĖRoy Lessin


The inside is says


This Christmas, as you consider all the awesome things that have come to you through Jesus, Godís perfect gift, remember that it but a taste of all the good things that are yet to come.



Praise God for his peace, I am so thankful for what he has done for me, the BEST IS YET TO COME, make sure you donít miss it.  Time is moving on; donít miss your opportunity to celebrate, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



            Brian, Desirae, Destiny, and Angel Chance

Harman Family Journal

December 19, 2007
from the Harman's this Holiday Season

Thank you for the many thoughts, prayers, and cards this holiday season.  May we all continue to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  God bless each and everyone of you.

Brian, Desirae, Destiny and Angel Chance 

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