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August 6, 2008
Donation sent, Thanks for keeping up with us!

Hope all is well, I figured I would update and let everyone know how everything is going.  Desirae is feeling good, but she is to about 28 weeks so that means she is getting into that mode of having the baby.  We still donít know what it is going to be.  Destiny is very excited about it.  We have been just hanging out and working around the house over the past several weeks.  We went to one of my previous playerís weddings in July, other than that we have just been spending time with Destiny.  We have taken a few one day trips to Randolph Park and Mill Mountain Zoo with Mitch Reed and his family.  His son Cam which is 5 and Destiny play well together, it makes us visualize what might have been.


Next week we are heading to Chicago for a hardware show.  Desirae, Destiny, my mom, dad, and our friends Pat, Bradley and their little one Kyra are going with us.  Destiny is pretty excited for the baby going with us.


We continue to work on Chanceís stone, we are getting closer. I look for it to be done and into place next spring, since they donít like to set them in the winter.  I also wanted to let everyone know that we just sent our yearly money to Duke for research on Chanceís type tumor (ATRT).  This money was what was left over after the scholarships were passed out.  (Glenvar Ė $1,500.00, Giles - $1,500.00, Radford - $1,500.00, Floyd - $3,000.00 and now $4,000.00 for research)  We are hoping this yearís tournament will raise more than that, thank you to each and everyone of you that continue to keep our family in your prayers.  We still love reading the well wishes, and we appreciate each one of you that continue to tell us stories of how Chance changed your life, this really helps us.  It is such an honor when someone asks me if I am Chanceís dad.  I am so proud of what he did in such a short time.  Like I said before, donít take any of your family or friends for granted, and enjoy everyday.  Below is a picture of Destiny with the check we sent to Duke, thanks again for all of your support and look for another update the 1st of September.



Brian, Desirae, Destiny, and Angel Chance


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