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September 14, 2008
Baby getting closer! Check out this poem and video!

           Things around here are going well.  Desirae and the baby are doing well; she is about 32 weeks so we are getting in the final stages.  We went on our hardware trip to Chicago, Destiny had a blast.  While we were there we went to a cool zoo in downtown Chicago, got to see an air show from the Blue Angels, Destiny got to ride in a horse and buggy around downtown Chicago, and we went by the Navy Pier which is a huge attraction in Chicago.  The navy pier had several rides for Destiny and a big, no real big ferris wheel that she got me on.  I am sure there are a lot of places in Chicago that you would not want to go, but I really like it; it is very clean and so much to do.  I know you don’t think of Chicago for a vacation, but it is a really neat place.  On Sunday of the trip Bradley, my dad, and myself headed to Michigan to the race while the women shopped.  All in all it was a great trip.

            We are soon taking a small trip for a few days down to Myrtle Beach, we always go with my mom and dad after the rates drop and it is less crowded.  This year we have talked Mitch Reed and his family into going with us, so that Destiny will have some friends to play with, and Mitch and I can hang out and talk about basketball and the women can hang out talking about who knows what.  We are really looking forward to it especially for Destiny. 

            Destiny has started pre-school and loves it.  A.J. (Travis and Laura’s son) and Destiny are in the same class, it took her a week to realize he was in there.  She is really doing well and is always excited about going to play with her friends. 

            Desirae did one of her two craft shows for the year this past weekend at Old Salem Days.  She did really well with her cancer bracelets and some of her Virginia Tech stuff.  There were several people that stopped by just to say hey and see how we were doing; you just don’t know how much that means to us.  Several people kept mentioning that they still keep up with the website and what is going on with us, this helps us make it through each and everyday.  She has one more craft show for sure the first weekend of October at the Floyd County High School, make sure if you go, stop by and say hey. 

            As for me, I have started open gyms back and been spending some time with the guys after school, basketball season is just around the corner.  I took Destiny up to the first football game and she was ready to go in as soon as she saw the Buffaloe mascot, for everyone that knew Chance he was scared to death of that Buffaloe, but not this girl she loved him.  I just picked up the last team for Chance’s tournament, it will be the team that will be playing us and that is Fort Chiswell.  I called Coach Jonas at Fort and he said he would be honored and would love to come be a part of the Classic.  I have found a logo for the tournament, it is really cool so make sure you get your order in for one of the T-Shirts this year or come up to the games and pick one up.  The other teams that are going to be playing are Parry McCleur vs. Glenvar, Radford vs. Blacksburg, Giles vs. George Wythe, and then our game with Fort Chiswell. 

            I want to finish with two things, one is a poem that another mother had written that had lost her son and the other is a video that will take 9 minutes out of your day, but I promise you it will touch you.  The last thing I want to ask you How many of you knew this was Childhood Cancer Month?, that is what I thought, we have to get more interest in curing this disease, watch this video and you will understand what I mean.  Once again we love you guys and thanks for all that you have done and continue to do.  Thank You for keeping up with us and caring.  This poem reminds me so much of Destiny those few days back in July 2007



They say you earned your wings last night,
What does that mean anyway?
They say you are walking by Jesus,
How can that be?
You and I were playing a few days ago,
Yeah, maybe you were in your bed all the time,
But I made you laugh; I always made you laugh,
Always but yesterday,
Yesterday, you didn’t open your eyes
When I jumped silly in front of your bed,
Dad took me back to the other room.
Why didn’t you open your eyes?
Why couldn’t I hear you laugh?
Why was Mom so sad?
I know you were sick but I still want to play.
They wouldn’t let me by you,
I know you would have laughed for me
I know it,
But all they said was that you earned your wings…
Your angel wings.
Now I am alone, with just the marvelous sound
Of your laughter in my heart…
You will be my brother forever, in Heaven.
And forever I will miss you down here by my side

Here is the website for the video.

Keep an eye out about 4:30 into it.

Thanks again for taking time to read this and watch this video, we love you and talk to you soon.


Brian, Desirae, Destiny, and Angel Chance.

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