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Updates on Chance

March 30, 2007
Getting Ready For a Road Trip

           Today went very well.  It was a very nice day, which was normal.  Chance and Destiny spent most of the morning with Nana, because Desirae had a dentist appointment.  Desirae really enjoyed the time, as I did yesterday, at the dentist office talking to everyone about Chance, God and how great God is.  Nana took the kids to Pizza Inn for lunch and Chance was so excited, they now have tator tots.  We have to thank Casey for putting them in and letting Chance sample them.  I think Destiny has picked up another small head cold. 

            This afternoon the kids and Desirae came over to see me at the store, but we were really busy so I didnít have a lot of time to talk to them.  They were on their way to feed some horses near by.  They had a couple of apples.  When I got home from work, Brother Mike was picking up rocks for a wall he is going to build.  Here came Chance and Destiny on their gator to help.  As we were picking them up Chance brought Brother Mike a rock, he put it in the front of the truck and said he was going to put it in a special place in the wall.  Maybe several years down the road we can all talk about that rock and let Chance tell the story behind it. 

            Tomorrow we are heading to Williamsburg for the weekend.  Chance is looking forward to it.  I am not sure when we are leaving or when we will be coming back Tuesday.  PLEASE COME TO TOPECO CHURCH ON SATURDAY TO SUPPORT KARLIE NICHOLS, THEY ARE HAVING A BENEFIT DINNER FOR HER, SHE HAS CF.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 29, 2007
Dentist Visit & Adventure World Alot of Fun!

           Today was great!  I was worried today, because I had to go to the dentist.  After getting there and talking to the Dr. Huff and his assistant I really enjoyed my cavity filling.  I know you canít believe that.  We talked for about 1 Ĺ hours and then they worked on my tooth.  Dr. Huff wanted to pray also before we started working on my tooth, donít worry in wasnít for the tooth, but for God to keep Chance strong and us strong.  It was a great visit, after that I headed over to Adventure World. 

            Chance and family had headed there to play.  It is a really cool place and on Thursday kids 5 and under are the only ones allowed in.  Kyle Hubbard and Madison Ketner were there showing Chance all of the cool things to do.  Desirae and Nana got a chance to talk to Annette while the kids played.  I believe it was good for everyone.  When I stopped by I couldnít keep up, Chance was doing a lot of things that were difficult for me to do.  Everyone keeps asking how he is doing and they canít believe the level he is at right now.  Besides losing his hair you would never know, everyday he is getting more confidence and improving.

            Tomorrow we will start packing up to go to Williamsburg.  Saturday night and Monday night we are staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Chesapeake.  Sunday night will be at the lodge.  I hope Chance enjoys the water park.  We may even try to run by the hospital to see some of the nurses and doctors that we had during the first surgery.  Before I end I want to make sure everyone wishes my Grandma MARGARET HARMAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY, it was today.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Desitny 

March 28, 2007
Lines Out! Good Visit!

              Today went very well.  Last night Desirae finally decided to go with us, which I am glad she did.  This morning she woke up and felt fine, so I guess it was a 24 hour bug.  That has been the situation for about all three of them, I just keep praying that it bypasses me.  We got to the hospital about 8:00 and I believe we got in about 9:45, I would have never figured that.  It was kind of weird to be back after a two week break because we hadnít had that kind of break from a doctorís office or hospital for I know over 7 months.  We got the anesthesiologist that we really like and he played a lot with Chance.  Chance likes him a lot.  He had another man helping him and that guy wanted to give Chance some relaxing medicine, and Dr. Ames said that he wouldnít have to worry about that.  Chance went back to the operating room grabbed the mask and went to sleep.  Dr. Ames is just a supper guy, we also saw a lot of the other anesthesiologists that we have had before.  We also saw Nina one of the Child Support people, we really have missed her.  She has been in the hospital with her husband; he had a brain tumor.

            The lines came out great and Chance was happy, we headed home and then stopped in Greensboro for lunch at Red Robin.  After getting back I headed over to the store to check in.  Tomorrow may be a play day for Chance and Destiny in Christiansburg with Kyle Hubbard, not sure yet.  I have a dentist appointment in the morning and then open gym tomorrow afternoon. 

            Once again while we were in the waiting room, we just feel so lucky.  There are so many more people in worst situations than we are and those people are so positive and strong.  It really opens my eyes to how blessed we are each and every day of our lives.  Desirae let me know that one of her sisterís co-workers has an 11 month old that had surgery today in Roanoke for a brain tumor.  Enjoy everyday because you donít know what is around the corner. 


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny    

March 27, 2007
The Stomach Bug Continues/Lines Coming Out! YEAH!

           Well heading back to Durham.  It has gotten some later than we had hope to head back.  Today has been a good day for Chance, Destiny, and me.  On the other hand Desirae has the stomach bug.  We are trying to decide what she is going to do.  Her temperature was over 102 a minute ago so we donít what she is going to do.  The procedure will be at 10:00 hopefully, but we have to be down there at 8:00.  I guess that is if they get to us early, any bets on that.  Well I better round everything up and get headed down the road.  The procedure is supposed to take about 20 min.  I know long 5 hours for twenty minutes, but to Chance it will be worth it.  Talk to you tomorrow.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 27, 2007
Moving Along

            A very normal day.  Yesterday was great.  Desirae and the family stayed at home and played most of the day.  I went to work and then came back home about 12:00 because Chance was going to receive a gift from some people.  Teresa Foster and Ivan Nester came by with a bear that plays cassettes.  The cassettes are about different stories that the bear tells Chance.  These stories have to do with real life experiences and he just gives a lot of support.  Chance really loved him. 

            Iíve still been struggling at times with what to do about things after August and this is all behind us.  I told Desirae to plan our yearly fall vacation to Myrtle Beach that we always go with my mom and dad.  Seems like since I told her to look ahead at a date and plan the trip I have been a lot better.  I know that sounds crazy.  I am still living for today and not looking past today, but we have a goal and we have prizes at the end of that goal.  There will be more small wins and loses through the rest of this journey, but I feel right now that we are still undefeated.

            Today Desirae woke up not feeling too well, so I donít know if I will get to work or not.  I know the guys are going to kill me, but sometimes you just canít do any better.  Hope all of you have a good day.  We may have to head back to Durham tonight; if we do I will write before I leave.  Hopefully we can get his lines out early in the morning; he is very excited about this. 


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny 

March 26, 2007
Good Camping Trip!

            Sunday was a great day.  Since Chance and Destiny were still camping Desirae and I got to go to Sunday School and to Church, we were glad to get back to Sunday School.  After Church we went over to pick the kids up, they had a good time.  Besides Chance getting sick a couple of times everyting went normal.  After I found that out I paged the doctor to make sure he didin't think it was anything.  He believes it is counghing from drainage and then causing him to get sick.  We are not sure because we went through this all last fall. 

            Right when we think everything is good and we can relax, something like this happens to put us back in to reality and back to enjoying every minute.  Other than being sick those two times he had a great trip and was worn out.  We are scheduled to pull his lines out on Wed.  I don't know what time yet, we have to call Tuesday afternoon late to see what the schedule is.  If it is real early we may head down late Tuesday and stay at the apartment.  I hope that is what happens.  Well just keep praying that he will lose this cold and the cough and not get sick anymore.  Thank you for the prayers and support.  I heard the concert Friday was a good turnout. 


          Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 25, 2007
A Day Enjoyed!

            Yesterday was a great day.  We took Chance and Destiny over to Claytor Lake to spend one night with Desiraeís mom and dad.  As soon as we got there Chance took off with his cousins riding bike and having a great time.  He didnít even take time to tell us bye.  After we dropped them off we headed to Roanoke to do some Easter shopping for them.  I guess this is the first time that we have been away from them in about 6 months.  We went to the mall and ended up seeing a lot of people from Floyd.  They were either shopping for Prom Dresses or some of the younger kids had AAU games. 

            After we left the mall we headed to Christiansburg to meet Pat and Bradley to eat.  Then Bradley and I headed how to watch the games while Pat and Desirae went to Wal-Mart to get a couple more items for Easter.  Pat and Bradley stayed for awhile and spent some time with us.  It was good to be able to watch the game talk and yell at the officials and the coaches about the decisions that they were making.  Not a lot of worries, even though every now and then I was still keeping the kids in mind.  This was time Desirae and I needed.  They left about 9:30, so Desirae and I decided to watch a movie, Facing the Giants.  MUST SEE for anyone.  It is a football movie where the coach, his players, and a lot like us the community turns everything over to God and like Jeremiah 33:3 says ďCall to me and I will answer you.  Iíll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on you own.Ē

            Today is heading to church and then over to pick the kids up.  Another great day even though we are one more day closer to going back, this is still a grate day that they canít take away.  See you at church.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.      While at Roanoke I also saw Amanda Thompson, Layne Howeryís daughter; keep him in your prayers as he is going through some test to figure out an inner ear problem.  

March 24, 2007
Ups and a Down!

          Once again ups and a down, a lot of fun though.  We headed down to Desiraeís parents to celebrate her dadís birthday.  On the way down everything was good.  Chance and Destiny took a nap about the time we got there so we just left the car running and let them sleep in the car for about an hour.  Chance woke up when his cousin Chloe got there and took off playing.  He was having a lot of fun then as more people got there he started getting a little fussy.  The next thing we know is he is crying and from past experiences we knew what was going to happen next.  He got sick, now was it from something he ate, being over whelmed, too much excitement, allergies, a bug, or the tumor.  LET ME TELL YOU WE DONíT KNOW, but it is getting frustrating.  We just didnít realize how lucky we were when we had no average sickness, just healthy kids.  We just ask you to pray that it was just a bug and that he will continue to feel grate and improve. 

            After all of this the rest of the night was good.  He ran and played with everyone.  Everybody was excited to see him and we couldnít wait to see people that we hadnít seen in awhile.  I know a lot of people have family problems, but enjoy every minute with them because you donít know if this will be the last get together that you see them or they see you.  Sometimes we hold grudges for so much small stuff, just forgive and overlook and move on.  Time is very valuable.  I know I have been there, but not anymore.  It does take two to make it work, but you may have to be the one to start the communication and that is OK.  Pride is one of our hardest things to overcome.

            Today Chance and Destiny are heading camping with her mom and dad and I thank spending the night.  Just pray for a good day and a good night and a lot of fun for him.  Desirae and I are going to spend the day together in Roanoke and then maybe going out to eat with Pat and Bradley tonight.  This will be the first time we have been able to leave Chance for about 5-6 months.  We are praying for great times at both places.  Thank you for the prayers. 

            We enjoy every one of you guys yesterday; we had a blast like always it was crazy.  Happy Birthday Ray, 55.  He said this was a good birthday, but next year would be better with Chance helping him blow his candles out again. 

            Before I end, I heard some good news the other day T.J. Holfield, and last week Brian Swortzel got saved.  That is awesome, two more people going to be there when we all get there, Thank about it, you donít want to miss out because the other option is not good. 


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

P.S. Keep the prayers coming thank you

March 23, 2007
Late Update! Sorry

        Sorry about the late update, but it was a long, good day yesterday.  We got the kids up early and headed to the NC Zoo in Asheboro.  If you have never been there it is great.  I would recommend it to anyone of any age, except the walking part.  It is somewhere around 5 miles of trails, but it is laid out really well.  We only had one problem, on the way down the mountain Chance got sick, I think it was from the orange juice because that has happened before with orange juice. 

       Chance loved the zoo; it took us about 5 hours to see it all.  He really liked the Polar Bears.  We had to go by the souviner store and get him some animals, that was a must.  After picking up a few of them we went to pay for them.  The man at the front bagged his animals for him and on our way out Chance saw a machine that makes your penny into a animal.  Lately everywhere we go we try to get him one.  The man came out and paid for four of them.  He got  to asking us questions and he told us to come back anytime that if Chance just wanted to come for a little while that he would make sure that was possible.  His name was John H. Payne and he was the Special Projects Officer, he was really nice.  The more we talked, we learned he was from Martinsville and went to church in Floyd some.  Once again a small world. 

        We then headed home, kids slept all the way back, until we stopped for ice cream in Hillsville.  Anyone that knows Chance and me know that ice cream is a must stop.  Last night didn't last long the kids were give out.  Today we are heading down to Big Island for Desirae's dad's birthday.  That will be fun to see alot of her family that we havn't seen in  so long.  Once again Chance has been more of himself, besides getting sick.  Thanks for keeping up with us and the well wishes.

       Love, Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

P.S. We have a friend with ATRT Owen Lyons that got good results back yesterday from his MRI, praise GOD, also remember to go by and wish Roger "Doger" Hollandsworth a Happy Birthday (March 20) big 50.  Sorry Roger, this is for anyone in the world that didn't know we love you!   

March 21, 2007
A Great Day!

             Nothing but good news!  Today was back to normal.  Desirae, Chance, Destiny, and my mom headed to Christiansburg to go to Wal-Mart and Red Robin.  They had a lot of fun.  At Wal-Mart they got to spend some time with Bobbie Jean Martin.  Chance loves to see her and then they went to Red Robin and both him and Destiny ate really well.  Thank God Destiny hasnít got sick, but we still worry a lot because that is exactly the way Chance was.

            I went to work today and then headed up to the high school.  I really enjoyed seeing and talking to everyone and hearing the love and the support.  I want to thank George and everyone at the Floyd Pharmacy for all the help especially George.  After getting Chanceís medicine I stopped by to see Roger ďDogerĒ Hollandsworth.  On back to work to finish my first full day, it was a good day.

            Tomorrow morning early we are headed to Ashboro to go to the zoo.  Hopefully it will be another great day.  Chance is getting more like himself every single day.  God just keeps blessing us everyday.  Thank you for everything and I will talk to you tomorrow.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 20, 2007
Ups and Downs!

           Well were do I begin?  Today was a struggle for us.  Nothing to do with Chance, he had a great day.  Desirae called me at the store this morning to let me know that Destiny was sick. (Throwing up).  I came home and she seemed to be OK for about 5 hours, then it happen again.  The only thing is in between these episodes she seems to be fine.  This is how Chance started, so anytime they act a little bit funny about something you know we are going to stress our selves out. 

            Mom took Destiny out to her house and then Desirae and I took Chance outside to spend some time together.  He jumped on his gator and took off.  He rode around and played while Desirae and I talked about all of the things that they had done outside from planting bulbs, playing on the play set, to playing in Chanceís bouncy.  I think back; just making sure that I enjoyed all of those days and all that we have now.  That is one thing I hope everyone else learns by this experience is that to enjoy every moment of everyday.

            Once again I just want to thank you for the support and the prayers. GOD has blessed us so much and he has given us a promise that everything is going to be OK.  I go back to I Corinthians 13:12 ďWe donít yet see things clearly.  Weíre squinting in a fog, peering through a mist.  But it wonít be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright!  Weíll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!Ē  We are in some bright days now, kind of the eye of the storm.  We got through the first part, now with six weeks off things are calm, right before the storm hits again.  But we know that God is greater than any storm that will come before us.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 19, 2007
A Normal Day

           Today was a normal day.  Chance still has this cough and runny nose.  We just keep hoping that it will go away, but he just canít kick it.  It was a normal day for me by going to work and spending most of my day at the store.  I enjoyed talking to and seeing a lot of people that I havenít seen in a long time. 

            I called home several times to see how Chance was doing, it was great all I could hear is them playing in the background.  Desirae said it was also back to normal for her to.  We just hope the days keep going like this.  We have schedule to take them to the zoo on Thursday in Ashboro.  I believe the temperature is supposed to be in the low 70ís down there so that should be a lot of fun. 

            Chance is eating really well, tonight after he ate a little bit we had to head to Hardees to get a milkshake, but they didnít have any.  So we went to DJís and got one.  Well once again thank you for everything and hope to see you soon.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.      Thank you to Jason and Heather Pratt family for the cake.

March 18, 2007
Great to go to Church!

            Just wanted to drop another quick note.  We had a great weekend and even better Sunday night in that we donít have to head back to Durham.  Last night Chance ended up staying down stairs with us.  I was just concerned that he may get sick so after a few coughing spells we just brought him down here.  Thank God he never got sick. 

            This morning we woke up and went to church.  It was so great to see everyone and talk to them.  Bobbie Jean Martin had given some flowers and a bear in honor of Chance.  He really enjoyed being there and just seeing him smile and giving brother Mike five at the end of service was just great to see again.  The afternoon he played a lot and aggravated his sister a lot, (I AM STILL PRAYING DAILY FOR PATIENCE), just as I say that, Destiny starts crying for something that Chance did.  That is like the MasterCard commercial ďPricelessĒ.

            Tomorrow looks like a normal day, so I will try to write tomorrow night.  Take care and good seeing everyone.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.  Thank you for the special lotion for Chanceís skin.  I canít remember the ladies name, just by being Mrs. Burnetteís sister.  sorry

March 17, 2007
Fun Day Shopping!

           Hey everyone!  Chance had a great day today.  Des, Chance, Destiny, her mom, and dad headed to Roanoke today.  They went by the Disney store and picked up a lot of information on Walt Disney World.  While down there they had to eat at Red Robin, then come back to Christiansburg to go to Wal-Mart.  After leaving this morning at 10:00 I think they got home about 7:00.  All in all it was a good day.

            I do have one thing I would like you to pray for and that is for Chanceís cold to get better.  Last night he got into a coughing spell and got sick on his drainage.  As I laid him down there just a minute ago the same thing happened, but he hasnít got sick yet.  We just hope and pray that this gag reflex problem will get better and his drainage will get better.  Hopefully we will be able to see everyone at church tomorrow.  We want to thank Doug and Shirley Phillips for all of the great food that they brought us. 

            Take care


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 16, 2007
Normal Day!

            Just going to drop alittle note.  Today was great, the first morning that we have been able to wake up and not worry about the doctors office.  Chance had a really good day, playing most of it or beating up on his sister.  He has had a cold for about a week now.  During his nap he started coughing and couldnít quit, this causing him to get sick.  He has a very sensitive gag reflex.  Tonight Desiraeís mom and dad came up so they are tearing the house down right now, but that is OK.  Desirae and myself have been stressed trying to make plans for Chance over the time off.  We want to do a lot with him, but we also need to realize what is too much.  I know we are heading to Walt Disney World for a week and probably down to Williamsburg for one night at the Great Wolf Lodge. 

            Today was my first day back to the store, I think I am going to try to work some tomorrow.  I believe Chance and them are heading to Christiansburg or Roanoke tomorrow.  It is really nice to get back to normal.  Thank you all for the well wishes that keep coming in.  Just because we are home and back to normal for a small amount of time we still love to hear from you guys.  Well have a good night and good day tomorrow.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 15, 2007

Radiation is over!  Today went very well except telling everyone bye.  After 6 weeks around all of those nice people it was hard to tell them bye, but like last night we can still go back and VISIT.  After radiation we went back and packed the rest of our stuff waiting on the clinic appointment for information about removing his central line.  We were hoping that this might get done today, but it is still scheduled for March 28. 

            After we got home Chance and Destiny took off playing with their toys.  I headed up to the high school to spend some time with the guys off the basketball team at an open gym.  It was good to see everyone at the high school.  I went by and picked Chance up cheese bread and then went by and got him some tator tots from DJís.  Hopefully DJís, Blue Ridge, Rayís and all of the other local restaurants will take the place of Red Robin for awhile.

            Donít know what tomorrow holds, but I know it doesnít include going to radiation.  We are trying to make some plans to head to a couple of places on our 6 weeks off.  Well I will try to update how tomorrow goes, I am going to work for a little while, I donít know how that will go since I havenít been there in 3 months.  They will probably want to get rid of me pretty quick.  Thank you for all of the prayers, support, and the love that you have shown so far, we love and care about each and every one of you.  Hope to get a chance to talk to you over the six weeks.  I know this time will go by fast, but I also know I am going to enjoy every second of it.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny



March 14, 2007
Heading to The House! Radiation DONE!

           OK Where do I start?  Well radiation went good today.  We are starting to say our goodbyes to different nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologists.  A lot of the nurses say that they are not allowed and do not get close to the patients, but the love that they have showed us over the last six weeks has been great.  We are going to miss them a lot, but a visit every now and then will beat having to go there everyday. 

            Dr. Larrier today, was very positive, she is the radiology oncologist.  When we started this whole journey; I believe she was scared.  She didnít give us a lot of hope, but Chance took that as a challenge, fought hard and beat the radiation stage of this battle.  She told us today that she didnít have to see a scan to know that the radiation was working; from her that made our day.  Dr Larrier and Chance have become pretty good friends; with their bugs and animals they talk about at each visit.

            Chanceís breakfast was at Cracker Barrel, yeah I know something new, but then we had to get take out from Red Robin tonight.  During the day, Desirae and I had prayed and thought more about his central line and also talked to Chance about it.  He was in favor of taking them out so we paged the nurse.  Only bad thing is they canít schedule the appointment until March 28th THAT REALLY STINKS, but he will get 3 weeks of no aggravation from the lines.  Then we will have to come back down on April 18th for them to put them back in.  I know that sounds like no reason to take them out, but worrying about infection and flushing them everyday gets old after awhile.  Also, I know when we get them back in we will probably have them for 5-6 months.  3 WEEKS WILL BE GREAT!  Having the lines pulled also means Chance can swim, take a normal bath and just be a normal kid!!!

            These 6 weeks off is going to be great, considering the most time we have had off since Jan. 1 is a couple of days here and there.  Also, we are going to try to really relax and enjoy all of the times at home.  We are going on a few trips and we are not going to look at them as the last time they will happen, but look at them as another great trip.  I donít want anyone to lose your interest over the next 6 weeks.  I will try to update everyday, but I may be a little bit busy trying to get basketball, store, and things around the house ready for a guaranteed 4 month departure.  We are definitely going to need you through those 4 months of chemotherapy, just like you have supported and pushed us through the last 3 months. 

            Thank you so far for everything. We canít wait to see everyone and I know Chance canít wait either.  We have really missed Floyd County, surrounding areas and seeing you guyís day in and day out.  Hopefully these 6 weeks will be a great time for Chance to rest up, play hard, enjoy, and prepare for the next part of the journey.  Still please keep us in your prayers and if you see us out come speak to us, even if you have never met us.  If you are reading this, then we are friends, because you have supported Chance and us in one way or another.  God Bless Each And Every One Of You.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 13, 2007

            Today was a celebration of Chanceís last clinic appointment, hopefully for the next 6 weeks.  His radiation went well and his blood counts and everything during his exam was good.  When asking Dr. G. some more questions; trying to find out where we stand, he was very positive.  He did tell me that he was afraid the first week we showed up down here. He thought Chance might crash and not be able to handle the 2nd surgery or even start the treatments.  He also said that all of the treatments Chance has undergone so far; Chance has responded well.

            Chance wanted to go to a playground today so we spent some of the afternoon at a local playground.  Other than that it was a normal day.   We are trying to decide whether to take his central line out and then get it replaced when we come back.  Chance wonít need it on the 6 weeks off, but he would have to stay out of water and would have to get it flushed everyday if he keeps it.  Both lines are working pretty well, so we donít know if we want to take the chance on that.  It would be good for all of us, but we are unsure.  We need to decide tomorrow or early Thursday, so please pray that we will do what is best for Chance. 

            Well two more treatments to go, so we are really looking forward to Thursday now; it is getting closer.  Tomorrow will be the last appointment with Dr. Larrier, so that is good as well.

            We still didnít find out anything on our genetic tests yet.  Dr. G. said it would be a while; they are still trying to get frozen tumor samples from Norfolk.  We will continue to keep you updated on their status.  Talk to you tomorrow!


                        Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 12, 2007

           Well, another one down.  Radiation went really well, it took longer than I thought, but he came out of it in a good mood.  Then we headed over to the hospital for our clinic visit.  We went by Hardeeís on the way because Chance was hungry.  As we checked in the clinic, they notified us that our appointment was tomorrow.  NICE!  I got aggravated and then I realized that I should be happy that Chance was doing well enough to be outpatient and that he was healthy enough to just be having a check up. 

            After that we came back to the apartment and picked up Destiny and Nana and headed to the Life and Science Museum.  We got to see live bears, wolves, and the butterflies again.  By now Chance was hungry so we went to Red Robin.  We are on first name basis now, and today they made Chanceís day special.  The Robin is supposed to come out on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but he made an appearance today while we were there.  I know this wasnít that big of a deal for them, but something that small made his day.  Then we headed to a magic store for Chance to pick up some tricks to show the nurses and doctors at radiation. 

            Tonight was going good and about 8:30 he wanted me to run to McDonaldís, this new time change has really messed his clock up.  He has really been eating well, I just hope that continues.  Right now the main concerns are his skin to improve and for the treatments to be taking care of this tumor and cancer cells.  Please continue to pray for our hereditary lab results to come back o.k., hopefully we will find out something tomorrow.  We will let you know something when we find out.

            Tomorrow is clinic day, I think?  One more day closer!  Several things that I have realized today are even though we are in a situation out of our control; we still need to be happy for the situation that we are in, because there are so many more people less fortunate than we are.  The other thing, the people at Red Robin showed us that they cared; even when they donít know us from anyone else.  Once again all we could say was Thank You!  Till Tomorrow!


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 11, 2007
Finishing Radiation!

            Today was another good day.  We decided not to go to church because of all the sickness around.  About 12:00 Chance decided he wanted to go to McDonald's so me and the kids headed over to Christiansburg to get something to eat.  We went through the drive thru and headed home.  On the way home we stopped by Lester Mannon's house.  It was good to see everyone there, Chance was really excited.  Chance enjoyed seeing his girlfriend Allie and his other girlfriend Mallorie.  Thank you for the book and pens.

            Well as we load up for the last week of radiation, we are really happy.  Two months ago we didn't know what we would be doing at this time, but thanks to God and alot of prayers, the first part of this long journey is about done.  We are still one day at a time, not looking ahead to Thursday, but I can almost tell you how many minutes it is until Thursday morning after radiation.  Love you guys and thanks for the prayers, well wishes, and all the pancakes you ate today at Ray's.  Hope to see you on Thursday!


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 10, 2007
Normal Day

    Today was alot of fun for Chance and us.  It was the most normal day we have had in probably 4 months.  I woke up and went to work and Chance and Destiny played all day with Des and her mom.  Chance woke up to seeing Papa ride the fertilizer truck around in the field, he really thought that was cool.  They stayed at home all day, just because we are trying to get these last 4 days done.  Brother Mike and Donna stopped by to see us, Chance enjoyed riding over his feet and telling him stories.  Everytime he gets ready to tell a story Des and I just look at each other wondering what it is going to be about.  Well I know this is short, but nothing really happening today.  Tomorrow I think we will probably stay home from church because of the germ deal and get packed for one for Sunday trip.  Thursday is going to be great!

Love, Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 9, 2007

            Well we are back home which is very good.  Today went very well except having to wait on the anesthesiologist to get to radiation.  That put us behind about 30 min., but it wasnít that big of a deal.  We came on home and Chance has been great all day.  As soon as we walked in, he took off running and playing with his Tonka tri-cycle.

            As they were playing I headed up to the high school for a basketball meeting and ran into a lot of people that I hadnít seen in awhile.  It was really good to see them and talk.  I want everyone to know that the support that you keep giving is just overwhelming to us.  The cards and well wishes just keep rolling in and we really appreciate them. 

            Tomorrow I think we are going to stay at home for a change.  I may try to go to work which will be something new too.  We need to try to get back on a normal schedule so the kids will get back there too.  Fans, be careful going to the game and good luck to the lady buffs.  Four more days and this part of the journey is done!


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.      I forgot to thank my Uncle Wally and Aunt Nancy for coming to see us and the cupcakes.  That was the first thing that we got Chance to eat that day, then it was time to put the icing on the tractor, cows, dinosaurs, and Sissy.  SO MUCH FUN!  I thought Chance had a new scab on his head, but it was chocolate cake

March 8, 2007
5 More! Feeling Better!

           Hey, hope everyone had a good day.  Our day went real well today.  Chance got to bed on time and woke up good this morning.  We went on to radiation and that went well also.  We asked the doctor about him getting sick and she wasnít too concerned with it.  She was more concerned with him drinking than eating. 

            After radiation we went back to the apartment, it was a little bit cold down here, but warm enough for Chance to ride his tri-cycle. Desiraeís father came down to spend time with us today and that always makes Chanceís day.  We went to Red Robin for lunch because that is where Chance wanted to go.  He ate really well, thank you for the prayers.  His belly has been pretty good today to, so a lot of prayers are being answered right now.  We are down to 5 days, one hand left, almost there.

            Tomorrow we will hopefully be heading home.   Congratulations to the Lady Buffs, sounds like you played really well.  ONE MORE GAME!  Everyone keep Roger Hollandsworth in your prayers, he had surgery today on his shoulder.  Well thank you for all the prayers, God is listening and answering, another great blessed day.  We are so lucky!  Hopefully see you over the weekend. 


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 7, 2007
Positive Day with A Little Negative!

            Today has been positive and negative.  I guess some of the negatives are from mom and dad.  Last night Chance wanted to stay up and watch Scooby, so Desirae and I went on to bed and Chance woke me up about 12:15 to turn his TV off.  That is how this morning started, we went to radiation at 8:00 and everything went great.  When we got back to the apartment we had some visitors, Dustin Hollandsworth and Timmy Harris.  Chance really enjoys playing and spending time with them.  After about an hour he decided he needed a nap.  It was good to spend some time talking to Dustin and Timmy about different things.

            Then what we all have been praying for; we woke Chance up to go to the eye appointment so he didnít get his nap out.  Before the eye appointment we went by clinic to get some TPA, this is something that we have become accustom to, putting in his lines to make them work.  We then went on to the eye appointment.  When they took us back Chance had been complaining about his belly.  They started checking his eyes out and then he got upset, the next thing we knew he was sick throwing up.  We hope that this is from only having orange juice on his belly or radiation.  We called Dr. G. and he said that he didnít think it had anything to do with the tumor, probably something else maybe even a bug. 

            Now the positive, the eye appointment went great.  Nothing looked wrong and she also said there wasnít any pressure or swelling on the optic nerves which is really good news.  His eye sight was good and everything was in good shape, one of Chanceís pupils reacts a little slow but it looked good.

            After that we headed back to the apartment and Chance wanted to ride his tri-cycle so we went out riding.  As we were riding Preston Harris and Amber Thompson were in the area so they stopped by and spent some of the afternoon with us.  It was more good time spent with Christian people; that we really enjoyed. 

            We have some concerns, one is Chanceís appetite.  He hasnít been eating very well, so we think some of this is from the irritation he is getting from radiation to his throat.  Just 6 more days!  Another is Chanceís belly to settle down, he is complaining that it is hurting some, please pray it will go away.  The last thing is his skin; his neck is getting very dry and irritable from radiation.

            Today I forgot to mention was some of the positive news from the radiologist, when she mentioned that he would need sun block the rest of his life and during the teenage years he would need to wear a hat.  When people say certain words such as teenage we get excited, that means they believe this is working.  If I ever wrote a book, I would tell doctors and nurses how parents and patients really concentrate and get hope off of words. Example TEENAGE.  We still know this doesnít mean anything but it is good news.

            Well this has been very long, thanks for your interest, just keep praying about our concerns because the prayers have been getting answered and I know God is listening.  Two more days this week!  That is our goal right now!


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 6, 2007
7 To Go!

Well another day closer.  Today wasnít quite as interesting as the others.  Chance had radiation, only 7 more days, but like the nurse said today who is counting.  After radiation we were supposed to have physical therapy, but Chance was too give out to go so, we called and cancelled.  We then came home; Chance and Destiny took a long nap, exactly what all of us needed. 

During Chanceís nap, Miss Katie from physical therapy called and said she had an opening so we went there about 4:15, once again he really excelled, and she was really impressed.  We then went to, as Chance calls it, Golden Cow (Golden Corral).  Tonight has been good, so we are looking forward to tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we have a test that we have some concern about, his eyes.  We are praying real hard and we know that you are also and we really appreciate that because God is always listening.  I think tomorrow we are supposed have some visitors so we always look forward to that.  We also got some of our scheduling and it looks good, right now we will be starting chemo on April 29th.  The other thing I ask for you to pray about is Chanceís skin; it is really dry and burnt from radiation. They say it will probably last for another 3 weeks before it begins to heal.  Well, hopefully I will write with more good news tomorrow. 


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.  Lady Buffs, Coach, and Travis, as you head out tomorrow going towards Richmond GOOD LUCK and Take it to them.  We will be listening on the internet, I know you are very determined, it will work out.  Donít plan to come home Thursday night; we will see you back in Floyd on Saturday with the State Trophy!  Fans be very careful as you head to the game.

March 5, 2007
8 Left!

            Today was good day.  We went to radiation after Chance waking up about 6:45.  It just seems like everyday he so much like his old self.  They started boosting today, so hopefully that will help on his skin.  He has started complaining today about how dry and that itís bothering him.  Radiation took about an hour today because they had to do x-rays and get him lined up exactly right for the boosting.  After that we had clinic day and went over to give blood.  Platelets had almost doubled and everything else looked great.  Thanks for all of the prayers.  Now we need your prayers for Wed. eye appointment to be good. 

            After clinic we went to Target and then to Red Robin for lunch, that is where he wanted to go and right now we will feed him anything he wants, so whatever he asks for food wise he gets.  Then we couldnít decide what to do, so I wanted to show Chance and everyone the Dean Dome.  We headed over there and got in, they we very excited to see it.  Everyone said that is what a lot different than Cameron.  The pool is right next to the Dean Dome so I asked Chance if he wanted to see it.  There is a memorabilia on the second floor of the Dean Dome so we went inside.  As they were looking around I went down to see if Coach Steve Robinson was in.  I had already seen Coach Holladay.  I wanted to thank Coach Robinson for letting me come to practice the other day, he wasnít in so I left him a message.  There were a lot of pictures down the hallway so I went back and got Chance.  As we were coming back down to look at the pictures we ran into one of the reserve guards.  This was about the time that Chance said ďHow is the guy that got his nose hurt?Ē  Of course I said ďI donít knowĒ.  About that time I looked up and I told Chance their you go you can ask him.  Tyler Hansbrough and Mike Copeland walked in the door, I spoke and they spoke back.  I am sure I was more excited than Chance, but it was just really good timing.

            The rest of the night was good and we look forward to another day.  Chance has been great and once again I pray for my patience to get better.  It is a very good problem to have, pulling one kid of the other and vice versa.  Tomorrow is the same schedule with physical therapy or what we call it ďIndoor PlaygroundĒ so please keep Wed. eye appointment in your prayers and for him to keep improving.  Thank you for everything we know everyone is doing all you can and it means a lot.  We know that you are pulling hard for Chance and us.  THANK YOU!


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 4, 2007
Last full week of radiation!

Today was a good day.  Last night we got a little bit worried.  Right before we went to bed Destiny got sick and threw up.  Every time this happens you know what our first thought is.  Nana took her to their house for the night.  Chance slept fair until about 2:30 when he woke up with a head ache.  This morning all he was worried about was Destiny, so he wasn't much himself today.  After about 1:00 we sent him out to Nana's to be with Destiny, this totally made a difference.  Like our title says this is the last full week of radiation and it couldn't be coming at a better time.  Chance's skin is really getting red and dry; it is starting to aggravate him some. 


This week, like I said last night has many tests.  He has an eye appointment on Wed.  I would like for you to pray for his appetite to improve, and his blood counts to stay healthy enough to finish the next 9 days.  The other test we are waiting on is the hereditary test in hopes it comes back negative. 


Today was a very good day for Desirae and me as we got company from Alan and Gayle this morning and then Travis, Laura, and A.J. this afternoon.  It was so good to see them and spend time with them.  After being with them everyday for the last two months it was really hard not to have them there on Tuesday and the rest of the week.  The more I thought the more I realized they were still with us.  Our plans of getting together more often will be a guarantee after this is all said and done.  I know before this happened we were just too busy to let Joshua and Chance spend a lot of time together, but that won't be the case in the future.  When you read this as yourself is how you want to spend your life?  Don't get caught up in the fast pace, but take time to be with friends and family.  Tell them how you really feel every time you see them.


Before we head on, please keep Desirae's family in your prayers because this morning her grand-father went on to be with God in Heaven.  It is a tough time, but we realize that the suffering will not be there anymore and we will see him again one day.  Don't look forward, but enjoy today!


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 3, 2007
Great Day!

             Another great day!  Today started by waking up and deciding to go to Christiansburg.  We talked Chance out of going to Wal-Mart, so we went to Target.  He found his way back to the toys and found some animals that he hadnít had before.  He has really gotten into animals here lately. 

            After that we went to Red Robin for lunch, this is one of his favorites.  He got pepperoni pizza and once again just ate the pepperoni's.  Then we headed to the mall and strolled around there for about an hour.

            Tonight we had Aunt Pat and Uncle Bradley come over and chase Chance around the house on his Tonka truck.  I believe Chance really wore them out. 

            I really want to thank all of the people that spoke to us today and showed their support, even some of the people that acknowledged but didnít say anything.  We could tell by their smiles that they were pulling for Chance and us, just as much as we are pulling for him.  A lot of you we donít know, but we can really tell how you feel.  THANK YOU!

            This week is full of some things that we are praying hard for.  One is his eye appointment on Wed.  Things are not exactly right, but I donít believe that they are that far off.  Another is for his blood and potassium levels to stay high enough not to change our plan before the last few days.  The last thing is for the results to come back good on the hereditary blood test.  We know that even if they are positive it still doesnít prove anything, but if they are negative it sure would be a relief.  Also, we have met several friends on the ATRT page that are having scans over the next few days; please keep them in your prayers also.

            Tomorrow will hopefully include going to church and heading back to Durham for our last full week of radiation.  YES!


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny


P.S.      Congratulations LADY BUFFS, I know it was tough, but go get those last two wins.

March 2, 2007
Down to single digits!

Today has been a good day.  We started radiation again at 8:00am.  Chance has been waking up from anesthesia really well over the last couple of days, in terms that the nurse is actually carrying him down the hall to us right after radiation.  We don't even have time to get back there to him.  He was doing good enough again to head home.  We got home about 12:30pm.  Everyone took a nap on the way home, so that was good.  Except, I was in charge of watching the kids this afternoon while Desirae was talking to one of her friends from high school.  I respect the stay at home moms so much.  I never thanked Desirae enough.  Let me mention everyday Chance is getting back to himself, so fight, after fight, after fight... MAN HOW GREAT, even though I was pulling my hair out.

We are now down to 9 days; this means starting on Monday we start focusing radiation on the spots that started this whole problem.  Chance's skin is need of this; he is really getting red and dry.  Alot of places are starting to peel.  It is almost like a really bad sunburn.  Well, before I end, let me tell you my God sign for today.  As we were coming through Greensboro there is a Harley-Davidson shop on the side of the road.  As I looked over there was a scripture on the sign for just a second before the sign changed.  It was Philippians 4:13.   I would like to share Philippians 4:11-14, "I've learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances.  I'm just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little.  I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty.  What ever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.  I don't mean that your help didn't mean a lot to me - it did.  It was a beautiful thing that you came alongside me in my troubles."

We still know that Chance is going to win.  We know that God is going to heal him one way or another.  We are just so blessed that we have had alot of great days and Chance is showing signs of improving and of his old self.  We know that it still can change at any minute, but we are enjoying the time and will cross that bridge when we get to it.  

Everyone will know where to find us at tomorrow?????? WAL-MART! (Chance has already put in his request!)

Brain, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

March 1, 2007
Prayers Answered Again!

            What a day!  It started by going to radiation.  We have one more day of all over radiation and on Monday they will start focusing on the actual tumor sight.  We were worried about Chanceís blood platelet numbers.  Here is where, if you donít believe, I have a story.  Last Monday Chanceís platelets were at 107, five days of radiation and two days rest they went to 65.  The doctors were worried that they might drop below 25 and we would have to have a transfusion.  Four more days of radiation and they drew blood today.  It had gone from 65 back to 108 with 9 days of radiation and only two days of rest.  Thanks so much to everyone for all of the prayers, they definitely got answered today.  THANK YOU GOD!

            After that we went to physical therapy, Chance worked fair but was not quite as motivated today for some reason.  Desiraeís mom and dad came down early this morning so Chance was more in the mood to play instead of work and play.  He still got some work out of it and had a lot of fun so all in all it was improvement.  We came to the apartment and he took a nap.  The radiation is starting to make his head, neck, and ears peel.  I am thankful that tomorrow is the last day and then Monday we start focusing on those spots.  The local areas will be the only ones to be bothered by the radiation now.  We all just keep pushing on.

            I know tonight Chance put us back into focus again.  We were talking about the six weeks we have off, trying to take him somewhere on vacation.  We still have two weeks before we start this time off.  When we starting talking about this to Chance all he wanted to mention and talk about was that we were going home tomorrow, he didnít care about two weeks down the road.  Sometimes we keep looking down the road when we need to just look to tomorrow.  Thank God for all the answered prayers and we really appreciate all of the well wishes and all of the continued support.


            Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny 

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