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Updates on Chance

January 31, 2007
Another Day

Hey, I guess everyone is getting ready for the snow or ice.  We are too, I hope we get something down here, but that might change our schedule because some of the people may not be able to get in.  Today has been a long day at the hospital that went by pretty fast.  We had some good company today, as Chance calls them Big Tim Slaughter and Roger Doger Hollandsworth.  Also, Des's dad and Tina came down this afternoon.  It was really good to see all of them. 

We started this morning at 8:00, I thought that we would start the stem-cell, but it was just to take his blood to see where the c-34 level was.  We just took it the night before and it was at 83, they want it above 10 so we were good, but then they wanted to take it again this morning, I don't know why.  It was 116 which they said was great, but we didn't start till 10:40 and it lasted till 2:00.  We then went to the apartment to wait on a call to see if we would have to come back for another shot tonight.  I ended up calling instead of waiting on a call, that usually works better.  So we are at the hospital now getting the shot and they said we would try to get some more stem-cells in the morning at 8:00.  I believe that is what they said today. I know that the stem-cell can  not go past 1:00 because we are doing radiation at 2:00.  Finally, something to start taking care of our disease, I just pray that it will not have alot of effects to Chance and his body will react well,  and the cancer will get hit hard.  Friday I think we do radiation at 9:00 and then there is going to be a home health person come by to show us about his central line, so we don't know what time we will be home if we come.  Alot of that is going to be effected by how Chance is reacting to his treatment.  God will answer our prayers and he is listening, please just keep praying, but I know you are.  There are some bridges to cross over the next few days.

I want to thank the papers and news coverage of some of the events also, because over the internet is the only way that we have been able to see some of this.  The communities in south-western virginia have been unreal with the support, and it hasn't just stopped there.  There are alot of people that I knew before this, but I would consider them close friends now because of all that they have done for Chance and our family.  Thank you so much.

Well better run, looks like Chance is about done.  May be a long day tomorrow so I will update when I can, I know that it will be snowing back home and there may not be alot to do so just keep checking the website and I will send information as it happens.  Enjoy the snow, ice, or rain and be careful.

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 30, 2007
Getting Ready

Hey everyone, once again we are in the vitamin G shot room.  It has been alittle bit different today in the scheduling.  Chance woke up in a good mood even though he has been coughing and his nose running throughout the night.  The first call came at about 11:30 and the nurse said we needed to come over now to do a blood draw to see if the stem-cells were high enough.  Then we had to fill a perscription for his stomach not to get upset and that took another hour so alittle bit frustrating.  Then Chance ate the best he has in a couple of days which was good.  He was more like himself today more than any other day for awhile.  I don't know if that is good or bad.  It has been a good day though seeing him like that.  Then about 4:15 the nurse called again and said that his blood level was low so we need you to come now to get some blood.  Nothing serious, just need to top off the tank, this process takes usually about 2-3 hours so we will have awhile to sit and wait.  Right now he is coloring scooby-doo and Ok with the situaition.

The comedy show with Chance is starting now, he is starting to get more comfortable with his surroundings.  I have never seen anyone get kicked out of the hospital, but I think they might kick us out.  He is a crazy nut!  We are really enjoying seeing him like this, this is the old Chance.  Every now and then it is hard for us to realize how bad of a disease he has, but that is not changing our attitude or our faith in God's healing.  Every minute is awesome with him.  We don't do this for a hour at a time we do this for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Try this one day and I am sure it will be the most enjoyable day you have had in along time.

Just got the information that he is good to go for the morning, thank God for another answered prayer.  The viral was also negative so some more good news.  Sometimes we are not real sure why we are so blessed.  They are planning on starting at about 8:00 in the morning and will last between 2-6 hours.  Hopefully they will get all they need tomorrow, but they doesn't usually happen so we may have to do it again on Thursday morning.

Dr. G said that we would start radiation on Thursday no matter what, so we are ready to find out what is going to happen.  We pray everyday for this to be successfull.  We still know that God is going to do whatever is best for Chance.  We had to read the protocal book the other day with all the side effects, I don't care about the side effects, GOD is in complete control so open the bible up and then I read all of the effects about reading it.  NOTHING BAD, BUT NUMEROUS THAT ARE GOOD!  KEEP THE FAITH, CHANCE IS STILL GOING TO WIN! 

Will write tomorrow, don't forget about the game on thursday for those seniors, but I think it is supposed to ice so it may get changed.  If it does or doesn't please come out and support these guys because their familes and them are very special to me.

Talk to you tomorrow,


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny.

January 29, 2007
Pushing Ahead

Today has been a fair day.  Chance woke up in a fair mood, not like he had been I believe that his younger sister has given him alittle bit of a cold.  We are sitting in the hospital to get our vitamin G shot.  Once again the lines are not working like they should.  One of the nurses got one of the lines to work, but when we came in tonight it had a blood clot in it so I am not sure what the next step is.  This Vitamin G shot is supposed to be a simple process, but that has not been the case with these central lines.  Take that back one of the lines just started working great! Thank God for another answered prayer.

We went to Chuckie Cheese today and Chance had alot of fun playing and doing different things.  Then we went to Super Target and we went back and he took a nap.  The plan is to go to Wal-Mart after we go up and see Joshua.  The schedule is the same for tomorrow as long as nothing changes.  The rest of the week is stem-cell Wed. and maybe Thursday morning and then Radiation on Thusday afternoon, but things change like you have heard before.  Maybe home this weekend but who knows, we will know Friday.

News we received today!!

The spinal fluid did show positive for floating cells, which was not a surprise because he had some spots on his spine. 



Prayers are being answered everyday, we are really enjoying the scripture readings that everyone keeps sending.  I have loved reading Phillipians.  We love all you guys and keep praying.  Don't forget to thank God everyday for the good and bad because with out him we have nothing and we are nothing. Till tomorrow same time and same place for us.


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny.

January 28, 2007
Another Good Day!

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a update.  We are sitting in the stem-cell room now getting the vitamin G medicine.  It usually takes about 30 min.  We have been praying that his central line will work better tonight, we will know here in a minute.  Once again we had some company which was really good.  Des's mom and dad spent the night along with my cousin Suz.  This morning my dad and grandma came down and mom's brother Wally and his wife Nancy.  Jason and Carrie also stopped by on the way home. 

We went to Chance's second favorite store today Wal-Mart.  Down here we have Super Target and regular Wal-Mart.  It was alot of fun for him.  We then went back and Chance took a nap which made the afternoon better.  Hopefully the nap will make tonight better also.  They started the first central line, so far just like last night.  They are putting something in his line to help it flow better, hopefully maybe that will work.  Chance is in alot better mood so far, but that is alot like our schedule it can change at anytime.  Both lines are just the same nothing will come out, they can put meds. in but not pull them out. 

They are getting ready to start the medicine, that will go good.  We still have about two more days of this, but Chance is getting better about it.  The nurses here are really good too.  Tomorrows schedule should be the same, so I will write tomorrow night at about the same time.  Hope everyone had a great day, try to stay warm back home because I heard it was going to be really cold.  I miss the wind on the mountain, never thought I would say that.

We missed being at church today, hopefully Mike put one on everyone.  Also I hope the doors were busting open from the loud hymns being sung.  We miss all you guys, can't wait to get back.  The last thing I want to remind people about is our basketball game on Thursday, it will be senior night, make a effort to get there in support of these guys and their families for their last home game.  The seniors are Timmy Harris, Stern Keith, Shane Martin, Evan Phillips, and Blake Poff.  I know this season hasn't been like anyone wanted it in the win column, but these guys have found out more about life and their faith in God.  I am sure of that because of the support and the positive things they have told me over the last month.  PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO BE THERE! THANK YOU!!!


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

P.S. Please keep my dad Allen in your prayers, he has some blood tests later this week. 

January 27, 2007
Fun Day! Good Day!

We have had a good day, it has been full of different things.  We have had some company today.  My cousin Suz, Des's mom and dad, and Jason and Carrie Dalton.  It was alot of fun to spend some time with them.  Chance spent some of the day riding with sissy around the sub-division in his wagon.  There is some trails near our apartment and we went down them.  He really enjoyed seeing the wildlife and just being outside.  After that we all went to his favorite store, AC Moore and bought a bunch of stickers.  Another thing he really enjoyed, then we went to Red Robin for lunch.  We are starting to become a regular there.  When we walked in they remembered us so I am sure it won't be the last time we will go there.

Tonight we started the stem-cell shots, Chance was scared.  He is so scared of the hospital and it is hard to explain to him that it is not always bad.  His central line isn't working exactlly right, they are having trouble pulling blood off of it.  We need for that to change before they can get stem-cells.   Sometimes it is positional so it may work tomorrow, but we need for it to get easier.  We then went up to see the Cantrell reinforcements, it was really good to see all of them and talk to them. 

Tomorrow hopefully will be the same schedule, just pray that the hospital visit tomorrow night will go better in Chance understanding what we are trying to accomplish.  We are still praying everyday about the bone test coming back good and also his blood coming back good so that they can do the stem-cell on Wed and maybe Thurs.  Thanks for the prayers for both children and our families.  It is working and we keep pushing ahead.  Will try to write tomorrow night and let you know how Sunday goes.  Everyone at Topeco Church hello and we miss all of you, wished we could be there.


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 26, 2007
Getting Prepared

Our day started off checking my voice mail on my cell phone.  For some reason the cell phone don't pick up in our apartement.  It was from Gayle and she was saying that Joshua had gone back to the hospital last night.  As usual we were running late so I didn't have time to call, they were supposed to be in the radiation lab at the same time so I figured I would see them there.  Chance has radiation simulation this morning, it was supposed to last till about 10:00, but it was more like 11:00.  As we were waiting on Chance I got several other calls, Travis was one saying they were in intensive care, then Gayle, and then one of our nurses.  She said that one of the blood test had come back positive for some type of viral.  This viral may be recent or he could of been exposed to it sometime in his life.  So she said to come up to give more blood after his simulation.  Also, they had to retest his RSV.  The shots are supposed to start tomorrow for the stem-cell and we are supposed to harvest on wed, but if this blood test comes back positive again we may have to start radiation without any stem-cell harvest.  We will be praying hard for God to make these test results be what they need to be.  Chance has slept most of the afternoon.

I got a chance to go over and see Travis, Laura, Joel, Sandra, Gayle, Alan, and Brenda.  I was glad to see each one of them, I just wish it was on different circumstances.  Everyone wishes that they could do something for the other, but everyone of us has our hands tied.  Please be in prayer for Joshua and Chance over the next several days which I know you are, but both of us are facing some crucial times and decisions along this journey.

I have been reading a book When God & Cancer Meet, yeah I know everyone that sees this will never believe that, but I just finished it.  That is even more harder to believe.  One of the big things in the book is to have a positive attitude and one of the quotes the the author says is "A totally optimistic attitude insists lemons will get sweeter.  A positive attitude makes lemonade out of the lemons.  A positive attitude will help heal you- physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

Thanks for everthing till the next time we talk.

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny 

January 25, 2007
Another Day Down

Another day down and another day closer.  Today Chance had to get his central line put in and some tests done.  This procedure had us at the hospital this morning at about 7:00 or alittle bit before.  We were supposed to be the first or second case.  All I know is that they took him back about 10:15 and we got out of the hour long procedure at 1:20.  Sometimes the time just doesn't add up, but right now we don't have anything else to do.

Everything went really well which we are thankful for.  One of the test is the bone test to see if the cancer has spread there, we are praying hard that this comes back negative.  Dr. G said that it is in only 10% of the patients, but we have been in that low number before.  Just pray for good news!  We know God knows best!  After the procedure we went and got something to eat and then went to wait on another appointment.  This appointment wasn't scheduled, but something we had to take care of along this road.  We were only in the waiting room for about an hour and 1/2.  (Not Bad)  Chance was really tired so he sleep in the red wagon while Desirae wrote some on the journal.  She has alot to say, but just hasn't had the time to do it.   This doctor said we would start Vitamin G shots which builds up the stem-cells on Saturday and maybe harvest on Wed. because the lady that does it is out until Wed. 

Tomorrow we have radiation simulation, just to prepare Chance for that.  I think we will be at the radiation lab at the same time as Joshua.  We ran into Travis and Laura today, I am sure that will start happening more frequently.  We are trying to decide on whether to come home for a day or not now.  We should be done about 10:00 so figure at least 11:00 if not later, then we wouldn't have to be back down here before Sat. some where around 6-7 p.m.  Don't know??

It is supposed to be really cold and windy down here tonight.  Like Travis,  I want to thank Mr. Peak for the story that was sent to Chance.  There is nothing better than motivational or inspirational stories to get us going.  I know you probably get tired of hearing thank you, but we just can't thank you enough.  Also, today we ran into one lady that her daughter has had 12 surgeries while she was only 17 months old.  This lady had moved 4 times just to get closer to the hospital in which her daughter was going to be at.  Another lady from Mass. had been here since Aug. by herself and her son had had a transplant.  She happened to be in the recovery area the same time we were and I couldn't help but cry because her son wasn't doing very good, just from being sedated for a MRI.  We wanted to do something to help so bad so we put it in the hands of the Great Physician to take control and comfort the Mom and her son.  Before we left all of his vitals had got back to normal, GOD IS GREAT! 

Along this long road God has sent us many things to see, hear, and witness.  Just when we thought it couldn't be any worse God sends another persons situation that is tougher than ours, but most of the time those people are alot stonger than I can even imagine.  Enjoy everyday!  Just like Tim McGraw's song says "Live Like You Are Dying", that never meant much till now, because you don't know what might happen next.  Don't forget if these situations do come your way, praise God in the good times and praise God just as much in the bad times.  Talk to you soon.

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 24, 2007
Good Day!

Hello everyone, hope everything is well.  It has been a good day here, we started this morning at the hospital with a hearing test.  The only bad thing is something that is easy isn't that easy to convince Chance that it won't hurt.  His outlook now is that the hospital is bad, so it is a battle within itself to get him to be calm and not cry, but once again God got us through another battle.  The test was very good and his hearing was good.  They just get concern with some of the medicine maybe affecting his hearing down the road during treatment. 

The doctor told us to take Chance's steriod down alittle and it is changing his eating also.  He is getting back to more normal which is OK.  After the hearing test we went to Super Target, Sams Club, and McDonald's.  He loves to go shopping, I know he got that from his mom. 

Tomorrow is going to be a full day, we have to get his central line put in and do a couple of other tests.  They said to plan to be there all day and when the hospital says that you can guarantee ALL DAY!  We are looking at maybe starting shots on Friday for the stem-cell retrieval on Monday maybe.  Again we are one day at a time. 

Right now we are in the apartment which is nice and I am working on this great laptop that I want to thank for being donated, because it would of been very hard to make this possible.  I hope you are enjoying the updates as much as we are enjoying the emails.  We love each and everyone of you.  Keep us in prayers with our tests and the results that we will be receiving.  Chance is improving each day, but we know that we still have a long road ahead. 

Will talk to you tomorrow, Thanks for everything


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 23, 2007


        Sorry it is so late to write with no update.  It has been a very frustrating day that started last night about 7:00pm.  When we left Duke on Sunday, the doctors said we wouldn't have to be back until Wed. at 8:00am, but that changed.  We got the call Monday night and was told we would need to be there at 10:00am on Tuesday.  OK not much we can do in this situation, now the frustrating part!  They took the central line out (a line straight to his heart where they can pull blood or give him meds) on Sunday because he was going to get a new one of Thursday and we wouldn't need any that done until then.  WRONG!  Chance's veins are real hard to hit and today we had to give blood.

        We really prayed hard about this because we knew what he was going to have to go through.  It all started when we parked in the parking garage and ran into one of the best child psychologist ever, NINNA on the elevator. Ok one prayer anwsered.  She helped us through the tough situation with telling the nurses what was going to happen to make it easier on Chance.  Next the nurse that was going to do the blood work wasn't even supposed to be on that floor, but this lady just happen to be there today and was supposed to be the best.   I know she is the best, but it is still going to be very hard for this ever to work.  After more praying she came in, I started checking her out to see what exactlly makes her the best.  Then it hit me, he name tag had a bunch of star pins on them, but then the pin that mattered said JESUS CARES!  Two prayers answered, I knew then we had no problem.  She took Chance in and when other nurses could even find his veins, she hit one the very first time!  Prayers were answered.

         We then went and checked into our apartment in Durham.  Very satisfied and Chance and Destiny have alot of play room which is good.  We are about 2 miles from the hospital and about 5 miles from Red Robin.  Pat came down and we all went out to eat at Red Robin, alot of fun.  Tomorrow, I think???, we only have a hearing test at 8:00am, but that may change.  Thanks for the computer, because now I can update anytime.  Everyone has been great and I will keep sending updates.  If there isn't an update for an amount of time, you'll know it has been one of those frustrating days again.

         Well Scooby Doo is going off and Chance is tired so lets go to bed because we don't know what we may run into tomorrow.  Love all you guys and please keep praying. GOD is working miracles. Also, pray for Joshua as he starts his treatment tomorrow. 


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

P.S.  I want everyone to know, especially Mrs. Janet Keith, to please overlook my grammer mistakes.   I usually write in a hurry, plus I am not that patient to go back and read it again. 

January 21, 2007

It is about 11:30 on Sunday night and we have been home for about 4 hours.  It has been a struggle over the weekend in just making simple decisions, but most of them get made by the doctors.  We woke up this morning excited about coming home for a couple of days and missing the weather, when the nurse came in and said that Chance's blood count wasn't high enough.  My first thought, what does that mean?  Desirae then explain to me what the situation was.  Our family is very fortunate to have her knowledge of nursing.  Planning shot down again!  So they went back and tested it 3 hours later, and the blood levels had jump several points in both for no aparrent reason.  The reason was the praying Desirae and myself had been doing during that time.  By now it was about 1:00 and the weather was getting bad about everywhere.  After we finally got to leave at 3:00, we decided to head towards Floyd and go as far as we could.  If nothing else we would turn around and go back to Durham.  The top of I-77 to home was really bad, but not as bad as the hospital.  God once again guided us through a difficult situation.  Two days at home will be good, before we start this long process.  The highlight of the trip home were the houses that we saw which had two lights burning in the windows for Joshua and Chance.  We were so glad to see Floyd County again and also see this support.

Chance's recovery from surgery was better than last time, which is hard for us to believe.  He is very motivated to get better and really pushes himself to improve. 

You don't know how much we enjoy every single email each day, it gives us the strength to keep pushing on.  Next step is two enjoying days at home and then back to Duke on Wed. to start another battle.  We don't know how to tell you how much we appreciate everyone for the small and big things.  Thanks again.  GOD BLESS!


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 20, 2007

Just wanted to drop a quick note. Once again the schedule has changed in just alittle amount of time.  This morning we got up and prepared to go home and found out that Chance's sodium level was at 133 and they wanted it at 135, so they wanted to keep us one more day.  So instead of home 1, or home 2, we are staying at home 3 (the hospital).

We have rode the wagon around the the hospital all day waiting for the doctor to say go home.  He has had a good day besides wanting to go home.  We had some visitors which was really nice, because there is not anyone at the hospital on the weekend, which is nice also.  Chance just got done eating some french fries and now we are getting ready to go back and give him a bath and go to bed. Destiny came over some today and played with him and also rode with him. He really loves riding the tram back and forth.  I think we rode it probably 10 times today.

All in all it has been a good day and I believe if everything is ok we will try to beat the weather home tomorrow, but we don't have any plans right now.  Thanks to all and we are missing everyone very much.  See you guys soon.

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 19, 2007

It is about 8:00pm and I wanted to write to let everyone know where we stand.  After the MRI (Which we don't know any results from) Chance came back to his room and was hungry.  He woke up from the sedation and was ready to eat.  His recommendations were pizza, chicken nuggets, tator tots, brownie, and then finally onion rings.  We didn't know how much we really appreciated D.J.'s drive inn with their tator tots until we were gone, they are really hard to find.  After several trips for my dad out to different places to get this food he was really eating well.  He then took alittle nap before he got to go out in his wagon to see the fish in the lobby.  There to meet him was Destiny, both really enjoyed seeing each other.

During his nap we found out some more information on what was going to happen over the next days, weeks, months.  It answered alot of questions and the lady was very postitive, which means alot in these days.  Don't know of anything that will happen before Wed, but I am not sure if we can go home (Floyd) or home (Durham).  This will happen tomorrow I believe.  I think radiation will start in the next week so things are moving pretty fast.  Alot of test with stem-cell left to do over the next few days.   Radiation will last 6 weeks, with 6 weeks off, then 4 months of chemo.  We are looking to finish this protocol up the end of Aug.  What a great fall it is going to be, but once again we are not looking ahead because we know it is going to be a long road.

Before I came down here to write, Chance just took his first steps since his second surgery (YES!!!)  He is very motivated which I love.  Hopefully the swelling will keep going down, it has gotten alot better tonight.   Everyone just keep praying for both kids, I know these are going to be two successful stories!  The other parents here are great because they understand.   I am going to leave you with two things.  As I looked out today and saw the cars going up and down the roads and everyone worry about what was going to happen next in their life or even down the road.  Don't look to tomorrow, ENJOY EVERYDAY: young, old, kids, parents; everyone because everyday is a gift of GOD and don't miss a chance to tell someone how much you really care about them!  The last thing is a quote I got from one of Chance's emails (Thanks to the Smith Family)--

Don't show GOD how big your storm is, but show your storm how big your GOD is!

That is GREAT!

Love You Guys and KEEP PRAYING!

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 19, 2007
It is about 12:00 and Chance is resting.  We had a good night, he slept most of the night, but this morning he wasn't very happy.  They removed some things and we were able to give him a bath and his spirits got up for alittle while.  We have a MRI scheduled for 1:00 so he hasn't been able to eat, but also he hasn't wanted anything either.  His left side is very swollen which is worrying both of us right now.  The doctor said we might be able to go home this weekend though, then Dr. G came in and said we would start different procedures and tests next week.  So going home, is going to be about 5 miles down the road to a apartment for awhile.  I guess we need to start getting used to it.  I have heard there might be snow up there Sunday.  That might be good for all the students and teachers maybe.  Once again thanks for all the prayers and emails!  Stay postive and I will try to write again tonight.
Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 18, 2007
Hey, hope everything is well where ever you are.  We have been resting most of the day.  Chance got sick once this morning after getting to his room.  We believe it may have been the pain medication.  He didn't eat much till tonight, that is when Nana and Papa brought him Chick-Fil-A and he ate really well.  He hadn't complained much about his head till just alittle while ago.  He has been resting alot and watching his favorite movie Cars in between naps.  Desirae and myself are also catching up on rest during this time to, but the hospital rooms are not the best places to sleep.  Destiny is doing well, my Aunt and Uncle from Chesapeake are watching her at the apartment that we will be staying at.

The doctor came by and said that he was doing good and that the CAT scan did show a large part of the tumor had been taken out.  We will probably have a MRI tomorrow and then maybe be released this weekend sometime, but once again we take one hour at a time because so much can change.  I am sure we will start more procedures fairly quickly.

All in all this has been a positive day, to be in a regular room in less than 12 hours after surgery is very good.  We will try to get him up moving around some tomorrow.  We are praying that this MRI will show alot of positive results and that Chance and Joshua will keep improving everyday.  We have had alot of contact with Travis and Laura over the last couple of days which has also been comforting.  Once again you don't know how much all the e-mails and prayers have been helping.  We won another day and we are pushing to tomorrow with ours heads high in hopes of another great day.  Thanks again, Keep praying, and HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

P.S.-Still keep Desirae's grandfather in your prayers also, thing are not looking good at all, but that can change any second thanks to our great physician!

January 18, 2007

Good Morning,

        It is about 9:30 and things are going great.  Chance had a really good night, beside alittle bit of high blood pressure and a temp. around 100.   Nothing to worry about, normal situations with this type of surgery.  The CAT scan last night showed that he got alot of tumor out, still waiting to talk to the surgeon, also a MRI will be alot more accurate.  Chance was in some pain, but he isn't complaining.  The doctors said that we would probably get to a reagular room today. Going home =  no clue, just take one hour at a time.  We have been talking to alot of people here in PICU and we are happy for the prayers we have had answered.  You just don't realize how many familys with young children are having serious problems.  We keep pushing!  Chance was also very excited because of the snow and weather down here which doesn't happen very often.  I believe GOD is giving us another bright day!  Thanks once again for everything and I hope to write again tonight.

Love Everyone

Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny 

January 17, 2007


          It is about 8:00, we just got out with Dr. Grant.  Chance is in PICU which is intensive care and doing really well.  The doctor said that he got a ton of tumor out.  The last two hours were very vascular and he thought that he wasn't going to gain anymore ground.  They only had to give him 1 unit of blood.  He was very happy with the situation and thought it was very successful.  Prayers were answered today!  Chance still has to do a CAT scan tonight just to make sure there is no bleeding.  The doctor also said that Chance knew his name and was moving all of his limbs.  He said that he easily got more than 50% of what was remaining, but a total % not sure exact.  He was glad we decided to go ahead and have the surgery because the brain had swelled some and he believed that we would of had problems later on from swelling.  GOD IS GREAT!  Thanks so much for the prayers.  We don't know what the next step is, but we do know that we have won another battle.   Everybody thank GOD and keep praying because we are going to WIN THIS FIGHT!


P.S.  We need some more prayers for Desirae's grandfather (Ray's Father) which isn't doing very well as of tonight.  He is in the hospital in Lynchburg. 

January 17, 2007


       Just wanted to write a  note to let everyone know how things were going.  It is about 2:30 and Chance has been in since 11:00.  They tried to put another central line in on the other side, but was not successfull.  They said the one he has before was working OK.  The last update we received at 2:00, was that everything was going normal. 

      We got him up this morning and rode him around in his red wagon.  He wasn't as hungry this morning as he had been either which is a prayer answered.  We spoke with him briefly about what the doctors were going to do and he was OK with it.  The doctors didn't know how long it might take, but they are very prepared for what might happen.  We have a good turnout for support here in several of Desirae's family and also several family members from my family.  E-mails are coming in all the time which is great!   We read them all the time.

      We wanted to let everyone know that we love you guys and we really miss normal life in Floyd County, but it won't be long!  Keep praying because we can really feel it.  We are taking one day at a time especially now that they change our schedule every so often.  We don't know when we will be back but with the e-mails and prayers that we receive make the distance between us alot closer than you realize.  We don't know when the next update will be, but I will try to write sooon.

Thanks to everyone,


Brian, Desirae, Chance, and Destiny

January 15, 2007
Progress Update

We are leaving on Tuesday morning around 7:00am and expect to be admitted into the hospital about 10:00am.  He has a MRI scheduled at 5:00pm, hopefully it will be on time.  Chance won't be allowed to eat past 11:00pm.  He has a serious appetite on the steroids, so we're concerned about him going so long without eating.  We will spend the night with him in the hospital.  We talked to his new Doctor at Duke, Dr. Grant, today and he was very helpful in answering some questions that we had.  We think he is very prepared for what he is facing after talking to Dr. Dilustro, Chance's Doctor from Norfolk.  We have a lot of confidence in him. 

Chance has had another good day, praying for himself and Joshua daily for their boo boos to get better.  We have been very thankful that we have been able to spend this time at home.  Chance has really enjoyed family members and close friends stopping by to see him.  We really want to thank everyone for understanding and not overwhelming Chance while he has been at home.  We know a lot of people would like to come by and see us, and that is a very, very good feeling, but thanks for understanding.  Also, we want to thank everyone for everything, from fundraising, support, and especially talking to GOD everyday with the prayers.  Once again we want everyone to know that this is a Win Win situation.  Either way we are going to win.  CHANCE AND JOSHUA ARE WINNERS.  We will have surgery on Wednesday around noon.  We will keep everyone up to date the best we can.  Thanks to everyone for the emails to Chance on the web site.  We check them hourly.  Chance and his family are so happy for all the LOVE, and know it is true love. 

It is ok to cry, laugh, and love everyday, donít miss a day that you donít do that!

Brian, Des, Chance, and Destiny 

January 12, 2007
Progress Update

We met with Doctor's at Duke today.   They have suggested more surgery for Chance to remove more of the tumor.  Surgery is tenatively scheduled for next Wednesday, January 17th.   We hate that he has to undergo surgery again so soon, but if this is what it takes to move forward we understand.  Hopefully, after surgery, we can begin radiation to reduce the other small tumors on his spine and in his brain.

All and all it was a good day.  Chance got to go to his favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  He ordered his usual, onion rings without the onions.  We hope to come home for the weekend so he can rest and prepare for next weeks surgery.

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

Brian and Desirae

January 11, 2007

First of all we want to say thank you again for your prayers and support. Chance was allowed to come home on Monday evening from Norfolk. The people at the Children's Hospital were great, but words can't express how beautiful Floyd County looked to us driving back. Thank God we were allowed 2 full days at home with Chance. His speech and motor skills are improving every hour. He's worked tons of puzzles and is teasing his little sister Destiny. Never thought we'd be happy to hear those two fussing at each other, but it is music to our ears.

We learned last night that the Giles Co HS Basketball Spaghetti Dinner raised around $6,700. We are truly amazed at the outpouring. God is great!

We drive to Duke on Thursday to meet with the Doctor's for the first time. Chance is a little uncertain and very scared, so please send up a prayer for him. We should learn more today or Friday regarding the pathology reports and hopefully define if the tumors are ATRT or hopefully something more treatable. We will post more news when we know.

Brian and Desirae

Harman Family Journal

January 29, 2007
Brian Tumors

First I want to apologize for the lack of journal entries. Our web page for the entries has been down. I attempted to write two other times (both really good stuff and two pages long each) just to find out I couldn't post them and couldn't save them to anything. Very fustrating! Anyway, Bridget and our cousin Suz finally got us straight. We had a really good weekend. Lots of visitors and shopping. I know Brian has told you some of that. Chance is in pretty good spirits. We went to Chuckie Cheese's for lunch today. I will try to post some new pictures this weekend of us. He gets a little frusterated because he can't move like he use to (physical therapy will help) but, considering what he has been through, he is really doing well.

        I want to talk today about childhood brain tumors. The doctors seem to believe Chance was born with the larger brain tumor. His brain has accomadated for the size of the tumor and adjusted to the pressure in the brain, especially since he had no other syptoms but occasional vomitting. Even his lobes had not even shifted. We would have never been diagnosised if the tip of the tumor (about the end of your pinky) had not touched the cerebrial fluid, this triggered Chance to vomitt once a week. Childhood brain tumors have been linked to a certain chromosome malfunctioning. All your cells in your body have a specific place to go and job to do. What happened to Chance was in this particular part of the brain, his cells continued to multiply when they should have stopped, therefore causing an irregular mass of tumor (or cells). The doctors feel it was not malignant at first but then became cancerous. The scary thing is you can be born with this chromosome malifunction or it can just develop anytime between the ages of newborn to 21 years of age. Very scary, huh? Your child could be fine for 12 years then all of a sudden the chromosomes don't add up and then he or she develops a brain tumor. During our stay at the hospitals, we have meet children with brain tumors ranging from 2 weeks old to 18 years old. I don't mean to scare everyone to death and make you want to go get your child a cat scan but I want you to appreciate everyday you have with your own child. Brian and I never knew for 4 yrs. Chance was walking around with a brain tumor much less cancer. It is still sometimes hard to phathom. Anyone who has known him knew how active and full of energy he was. We would have never known it. I do want to tell anyone that is an advocate for a child, whether you are the mother, father, or guardians, you know your child best. You know when something is not right with your child, maybe a gut feeling or something. I encourage you to be persistent with doctors, you know your child. If Brian and I would have not been so persistent with Chance, we would have not been diagnosed this early in the stage. Some stories we have read took two years of going back and forth to the doctors complaining of something not adding up with their child. Be persistent, if doctors do eventually run tests for that particular symptom and find nothing, then that is wonderful. You can rest assure, but I would hate to look back and wish I would have been more persistent. Each year 3,100 children will be diagnosed with a childhood brain tumor. It doesn't seem like a lot if you think about how many children are in the world. We never knew this world even existed, until we became part of it. I just want everyone to be aware of how brain tumors develop and the symptoms. Listed below are some symptoms of brain tumors. I hope this may educate everyone on what to look for but I hope you never have to apply it. If we can help diagnosis anybody in the early stage of this disease I hope we can. I know we are not the first set of parents going through this battle but, unfortunately I know we won't be the last. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you and may God bless you each and every day. Our strength comes from God and he continues to carry us when we feel we can not stand. I ask on more thing of you; enjoy, appreciate, and love your children and family each and every day because we never know what we are walking around with or what may be around the corner. Never let a loved one leave without telling them good bye and how much they really mean to you.

Childhood Brain Tumor Symptoms:

                 Vomitting, Slurred Speech, Lack of coordination, Loss of balance, Headaches, Head tilting, Irregular eye movement, dizziness, seizures,  and staring spells (there are some other symptoms but they are less likely and harder to determine), these are the most predominate!!

We love each and everyone of you,

Desirae, Brian, Chance and Destiny   

January 25, 2007
Enjoy life to the fullest

Well, I finally found the opportunity to write again tonight. Chance is having a wonderful night. He came out of his procedures really well. We have been so fortunate (God's blessings of course) that Chance handles anesthia well. Some children come out screaming or have vomitting after sedation. Thank the Lord for his many blessings!! Chance has been sedated I guess 12 times or more, just about every procedure. He wakes up so peaceful from sedation. I truly know God is with him and gives Chance peace. I can't express how much we have been blessed, not just now through this crisis but our whole life. We have taken so much for granted even the little things God has always led me down the right path. Brian feels the same way too. God has given both of us such wonderful in-laws and support through our church family and beyond.

Chance is still up right now. He is having a wonderful night. He is hitting golf balls right now (unbelievable huh?). It is amazing how these children can have brian surgery just a week ago and be able to hit golf balls tonight. I know I wouldn't be like that. Every time I go to the hospital I look around and see all these beautiful children. They are all a witness for God and inspire me everyday. No matter what procedure the doctors or nurses do to them, they always end up trusting them or giving them a smile after it is all done. I am truly amazed. If you want to find true, unconditional love here on earth just look into the eye of a child. No matter what you do to them they still love you no matter what. I know why God says children are so special and have a free ticket to heaven. They are truly innocent. I saw this little 6yr. old girl today. She was bald from chemo. but I have never seen someone more beautiful in my life. She was walking with her mom and her I.V. pole smiling and laughing. If you ever get an opportunity and want to see something amazing visit a children's cancer ward. They are so precious. I have learned so much from my 4yr. old  in the last 2 months, then I have my whole life. He has shown me more faith and love for God then you can ever imagine. Some nights I cry at his bedtime prayers, not for sadness but joy. I will tell you just one example; Chance's great granny Harman was sick (with a cold) while we were at home last week. She was concerned about getting him sick but she wanted to see him. She decided to come by the house and talk through the window. Chance did just that and put his hand on the window to match up to hers, that night the first thing he prayed was for granny to get better. Chance is such an inspiration to me. He always puts everyone else first. The other night we saw someone who wrecked on the road, that night the first thing he prayed was to help the people in the truck. Brian and I had forgotten all about the whole thing. We finally had to mention to Chance to start praying for his boo also. He would pray for Joshua but not himself. He does now, but everyone else is first then at the end he prays for himself. What a gift from God!!! I thank the Lord everyday he has given me with Chance. No matter what the outcome God has blessed us with four wonderful years (hopefully many more) and I wouldn't change a thing.

I have so much to tell everyone, I don't know were to begin. I will have to end soon though, it's getting a little lengthy. (Chance is sitting in the floor playing with some dinosaurs a nurse gave him. Just smiling and loving life for all its worth.) Tomorrow I will try to write about the inspirations and faith Chance has shown us, if we only have half his faith we would have no worries. Thanks again for all your prayers, when Brian and I get lonely and need some earthly support we read our well wishes. It picks us up and keeps us pushing on. God Bless you all!

In Christian Love,

Desirae, Brian, Chance, and Destiny


January 25, 2007
Be thankful everyday

Well, first I want to apologize for the gramatical and spelling errors, also for the lack of journaling. Brian just informed me (Desirae) I was in charge of the journaling part of the web site. He runs the updates. It has been hard to find time here lately to update the site. The doctors keep you busy pretty much most of the day. Our day began at 6:45 am here in the surgery part of the hospital. It is now 2:15pm and we are still here waiting for doctors and to be informed about the next couple of days (stem cell harvesting and radiation). I will try to get as much wrote as possiable and maybe have to update more later. I began writing this morning waiting for surgery and if you don't post it right away it is no way to save it (I found out the hard way). I will try to be quick.

First off I can't begin to say how much we appreciate all the love and support from family and friends. Friends I mean every get well wish and prayer. We love all you guys and couldn't make it without your support. I also want to thank everyone for all the donations and especially for the laptop. It has allowed us to keep you guys up to date and read all the love and support from everyone. People say this bodily world is cruel and selfish. I would have to debate that because we have seen more generousity and love then you can even imagine. It is truly unreal. Brian and I have grown so much over the last few months. Well, I have to go here comes Brian I will continue journaling later tonight. One thing we have learned, you are on doctor's time. God bless each and every one of you.


Desirae, Brian, Chance and Destiny

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