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Updates on Chance

October 19, 2008
Baby getting closer, Chance's Birthday on the 22nd

Just wanted to give everyone an update of what is going on around the Harman household before things get busier.Over the past month we have taken a vacation to Myrtle Beach with my mom and dad and on Friday of that week Mitch Reed and family came down to hang out with us for a couple of days.That was a lot of fun and we always cherish any moments with friends and family.Destiny loves playing with their kids.Desirae has worked two craft shows one in Salem and then her usual one here in Floyd.Her cancer bracelets are really taking off and everyone really loves them.

We are starting to finalize things on Chanceís tournament this year.The date is set for January 3, 2007 and we will be doing a BBQ dinner with it.This will be being prepared from a group from North Carolina, always heard NC BBQ was good, so we will see.Hope everyone will come out for good food and good games.The cost is going to be cheap, $5.00 for four games, and $5.00 for dinner.

Destiny is loving going to school, she goes twice a week and always wakes up ready to go.She is starting to become a lot of fun, now donít get me wrong she has her times where it is her way or the highway (well she gets that from her MOM) J.We have finalized Chanceís stone; it should be in place sometime this spring.

I know everyone is wondering how Des is doing, everything is going good, we have an appointment on Wed to see how close we are.That is also Chanceís birthday, so a lot of feelings that day.Other than that she is doing well and feeling good, I really donít think that she will make it through November, but we will see.We will post as soon as she delivers.

Basketball season is just around the corner.I would also like for you to remember Brenda King, womenís basketball coach at Hidden Valley.Great lady, just been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, she really needs our prayers.Thank all of you for your emails and keep up with us; once again you will never know how much that means.Here is a story of another mom that has gone through the same situation as us.Remember donít miss any days to hug, love, and tell everyone how much they mean to you, life can change in a second.Enjoy everyday, it starts with you, thanks again and we love all of you.

We had been walking down these beautiful enchanted streets for a while, we knew them by heart. We visited them quite often, taking the kids to school, going to the bookstore, sometimes to a movie , or breakfast , just around the neighborhood for an evening walk . It always went well, besides an occasional bump in the road here and there , skinned knees , a few tears and such , but most of all , smiles, giggles and kisses . I loved these streets , kind like the beautiful, lit up streets during the Christmas season.

Then one day , out of the blue , as we were cruising along these perfect trails , he tripped , scraped his knees pretty bad and had a hard time walking . We took care of him , made his wounds better , or so we thought... But with each step forward our family took , he stayed one more step behind . I tried to slow down and let him catch up but he couldn't . We tried to hang on to him but he slipt away.

Next thing I knew he was gone. He disappeared .The world kept on turning, people kept on walking on the beautiful and enchanted streets , except he had disappeared, I couldn't find him in the crowd , where was my son ? Did someone grab him ? Was he just sitting , sobbing, on a street bench hoping we would come back for him ? Did we just not pay attention enough ? Did we not realize how far behind he was? No , no , no ! We paid attention, we knew he was behind, we tried our best to make him catch up , we tried different things , nothing worked , nothing... Now he is lost . WHERE IS HE? Does someone know ? Did someone see him wandering in the dark , scary alleys?

Panic settled in , I couldn't breathe, I felt sick , the urge coming from deep in my stomach pushed me against the closest wall . Leaning against the cold stone house , i made my way down to my knees . How could this have happened ? How could I have lost my son ? Where was he now? I knew he wasn't with my husband and the boys , they were right here watching me crumble as fear filled up their eyes . He was gone and none of us knew what to do next.

It had all happened so fast , just a few days ago , he was walking along right by us , all smiles and proud that he didnt need a stroller anymore because he was finally a big boy . Now , he was gone , I was down , on the ground , trying to breathe and trying to keep from throwing up anymore... It felt like I had been attacked , punched in the stomach, stabbed in the heart and robbed of one of the things that mattered the most to me . MY SON . Robbed and left bleeding to death in a street where we once felt safe and where life was taken for granted ...

Boy were we wrong... These streets, our lives are never to be taken for granted ...

We live life as the family in this story walks down those enchanted streets... Singing , laughing , not a care in the world. We dont think twice that it can change in a instant . We dont think twice that you dont have to be 80 to get cancer and die. We take our own lives and our loved ones for granted . We KNOW that this stuff only happens to others .Only people walking the dark , scary streets get punished with such horrors... Again , how wrong are we !

While walking down these beautiful streets , and there are no bumps in the road , do we ever stop , and think how blessed we are to be there, with our spouse and children ? And that we can all walk hand in hand and laugh out loud .

We didnt always realize how lucky we were . We werent always thankful . We took little moments for granted . Now ,one of us is missing . Now when we walk down the streets that once looked beautiful, I always look back in the hopes I will see him again . Now, the laughter doesnt seem quite as loud. BUT you'd better believe that NOW , little moments are NEVER taken for granted . NOW, we try our best to make time for the little moments . One more kiss at night , or two , or how many it takes to put a smile on their face . And then one more, one last kiss , when they are asleep , because they know ...

Sleep tight lil man , let the angels rock you to sleep tonight, let them give you the one last kiss for me , tonight . I love you , all the way to Heaven ... and back .

Love, Brian, Desirae, Destiny, and Angel Chance

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