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July 7, 2008

One year ago today was when Chance was healed and headed to his eternal home with God.  It is so hard to believe that it has been that long, but on the other hand it seems like so long since I have seen him.  We just got back into town from a trip to Daytona Beach.  During the trip I thought back several times of what we were doing those last days and I could remember them so clearly.  I guess the 4th was the easiest to remember when he told us he was tired and ready to go to Heaven, then the MRI report on the 5th, then the 6th the day that we will always remember. 

            We left to go to Daytona on Wed, we spent two days in Myrtle Beach then Friday and Saturday in Georgia.  Along the trip we saw several things that made us remember the road that we had been down over the last year.  The first was during the first night at a restaurant we saw a young man in his middle twenties who had had a surgery for a brain tumor and seemed to be doing great.  The first day we got there we went by a Christian book store that we had gone to back in April and the owners recognized us.  The next one another Christian book store at Broadway at the Beach had a couple in it that his wife was fighting some form of cancer and she had lost her hair to Chemo.  Then the last one was at the race at Daytona sitting in front of us was a family of a son about 5 and a daughter about 3.  When I looked at them I couldnít do anything but smile.  When we were on our way in a Father was walking his son in, he was about 5, and he was asking him how excited it was since it was his first race.  I guess now after all that we have been through I guess I just see things better, I am thankful that I wonít take things in my life or other peoples life for granted anymore.  Donít get me wrong it is tough to see these situations, some of these are good moments, sad moments, and difficult moments for all involved, but I can relate to each one. 

            I want to Thank everyone for everything that you have done for us through these tough days; you will never know how much we appreciate you.  Thank you for the cards, calls, and visiting Chanceís special place.  Cancer may have taken Chance away from us temporarily, but what we have gained from this situation and the strength and peace God has given us can never be touched.  His love for us and our love for him, the great times we had, the vacations, the play days, the nights that I laid next to him in his toddler bed trying to sneak out the door without him hearing me, the races we watched arguing who was going to win, but most of all the love that we shared for God and his love for reading and learning about the bible; is something no one can ever touch.  Just know that we are pushing on and we will continue.  I am going to end this with the update I wrote one year ago today; the last sentence is so true!

            THANK YOU!


            Chance has told us for months on months that God is healing him and recently he kept telling us that God had healed him.  Well, today God has completely healed Chance; he went on to be with the Lord today at 12:23pm.  Prayers have been answered, Chance is not suffering anymore.  He fought to the very last minute; I am just so thankful that he was our son.  Chance has won; he is a winner, now we all have to praise God, live life right to see Chance again one day.  Please keep all of our family in your prayers over the next period of time.  There are still a lot of kids out here that are fighting for their life, remember them.  Donít forget, Chance is healed, he is shooting ball, playing golf, or fishing right now.  Canít wait to get there.


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