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June 29, 2007
Roanoke Times Article

Kassidy's fight

Kassidy Foster is the third child from Floyd County with cancer the community has rallied around in the past six months.

Jared Soares | The Roanoke Times

Danny Foster and his daughter Kassidy share a laugh Wednesday afternoon at Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital. Kassidy, who used to compete in gymnastics, recently had her right leg amputated.

CHECK -- Kassidy Foster was always full of life. Now, the 12-year-old Floyd County girl is fighting just to stay alive.

A gymnast who used to practice 20 hours a week at Virginia Techniques in Christiansburg, Kassidy had her right leg amputated May 3 when a malignant tumor began to take over her right knee.

The sixth-grader at Check Elementary School is receiving chemotherapy at Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital for osteosarcoma, the most common type of bone cancer in children.

Physicians don't know if the treatments can save her life; the cancer has spread to Kassidy's rib cage, left knee and lungs.

"We don't know how people keep going if they don't have God in their lives," said Tammy Foster, Kassidy's mother. "If you don't have that faith, who do you turn to?"

Kassidy is the third child from Floyd County with cancer the community has rallied around in the past six months.

In December, 3-year-old Joshua Cantrell and 4-year-old Chance Harman were both diagnosed with brain tumors. Joshua died Feb. 26 at Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center in Durham, N.C., of complications from brain cancer.

Chance's tumors, meanwhile, are responding to treatments and he has less than 100 days left of scheduled chemotherapy.

All three families are already connected through Floyd County basketball. Joshua was the grandson of girls' basketball coach Alan Cantrell. Chance is the son of Floyd County boys' basketball coach Brian Harman.

Kassidy's father, Danny Foster, is a Virginia High School League official who refereed games in Floyd County last year. Tammy Foster played on Cantrell's team that made it to the state tournament in 1985.

"It's a circle there that's kind of unique," Danny Foster said.

He and Brian Harman were just acquaintances before Kassidy was diagnosed. The two men now exchange text messages every night.

"It's good to be able to have someone going through the same thing we're going through that we can relate to," Foster said. "I don't know if it's good ... but I guess you could say it's good. It helps."

Kassidy's symptoms began in January, when she complained of knee pain during a gymnastics competition in Orlando, Fla. Her parents had little reason for concern.

"In gymnastics, you have aches and pains anyway," said Tammy Foster, who works as an X-ray technician at the Carilion Breast Care Center in Roanoke. "We didn't think anything about it. It would swell, but we would put ice on it and it would go back down."

As a precaution, Kassidy visited an orthopedic doctor, who said she had likely injured a ligament and recommended two weeks of physical therapy.

After completing that therapy, Kassidy was accidentally kicked in the knee on the playground. Two days later, she could barely walk because of the pain. Doctors recommended an MRI.

On March 29, a biopsy at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond confirmed what that MRI found: osteosarcoma had infused Kassidy's right femur near the knee. She would need 40 weeks of chemotherapy.

Now, Kassidy needs a miracle.

When the pain and swelling in her right knee grew worse, the Fosters returned to MCV. There, the news grew worse: the tumor had taken over the knee and Kassidy's right leg had to be amputated for her to live.

Kassidy agreed to the surgery.

"She's probably one of the strongest-willed little girls I've been around just to endure this type of challenge," said Samantha Edwards, one of Kassidy's former gymnastics instructors. "I've told her before she is a little hero."

Now on nine medications and a feeding tube, Kassidy sleeps about 20 hours a day. She was readmitted to Carilion in Roanoke on Monday for stronger chemotherapy that doctors hope will affect the tumors.

"We know that God never promised us more than we can handle," Danny Foster said. "I think that with us having trials and tribulations in our life it makes us draw closer to him. Am I mad at him? Are we mad at him? No. If Kassidy loses this fight she's in, I still don't think we'll be mad at him."

Floyd County residents have united in raising thousands of dollars and saying thousands of prayers over the past few months. Today at Check Elementary School, 25 students are expected to shave their heads to raise money for Kassidy.

"You wonder why us?" said Jeff Dalton, chief investigator with the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. "Why are we getting bombarded with it? I think God knows we're strong. He knows we'll come together and be one big family."

The Floyd County family has grown much larger in recent days.

The Fosters say they have received money in the mail from anonymous friends and cards from strangers. Friends have packed the family refrigerator with food, offered to mow the Foster's yard and built the family a porch that makes it easier to move Kassidy in and out of the house.

The Harmans continue to feel the community behind them, too.

"We went over to the mall one day and I saw a lady that I didn't know and ... she saw Chance and I could see her turn and hit her husband and she's like, 'That's Chance Harman,' " Brian Harman said. "I could just see how she was pulling for us to win just as much as we are. To know that that love and support is in the New River Valley and all over and even outside of the state of Virginia keeps us going."

The same faith the Harmans and Cantrells have clung to is now keeping the Fosters going. And hoping for Kassidy's recovery.

"I think that she's going to stand in front of people whether it's at Check Elementary, whether it's at Floyd County High School or whether it's at Virginia Tech graduation one day telling people her story and the way God's healed her body," Danny Foster said. "We believe that God's got a plan for her and we believe that his plan is going to be shown on Earth through her. That's Kassidy's motto: 'I believe.' "

June 21, 2007
Charity Ride Photo's

Just A Teaser!
Pat Vaughn

Here's the scoop.... Jeff Dalton and the organizers for last weekends Charity Run/Kevin Sharp Concert are working to send us a grand total.   They were very pleased with the turnout and will be sending in more information.  Until then, Jeff has sent in several photo's of the event and we just couldn't wait to share them.

As you can see, the turnout for the Charity Run was terrific.  Jeff told us, "we had 122 motorcycle's, which was awesome."


But, the highlight of the day was to see Kassidy and Brian.

Kassidy felt well enough to come to the concert and got to personally meet Kevin Sharp.  As you can see in the photo, his arm is in a sling.  We learned that he was in a motorcycle accident the evening before and had spent most of the night in the hospital.  His injuries were serious.  He told Brian that he was lucky to be alive.  (Aren't we all?!)  How wonderful that he came to our event and still managed to sing.

Brian Harman, Chance's Dad, seen here with Kevin Sharp, was so pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Kevin about his own personal cancer survivorship.  "I got a opportunity to meet Kevin Sharp, he was awesome, he had wrecked his motorcycle just 24 hours before the concert and he told me he was just lucky to be alive.  I am just thankful that I had the honor of meeting such a good person," said Brian.  They managed to find 10 minutes in all the chaos of the day to chat.


To find out more about Kevin Sharp, his ministry and music, go to

June 19, 2007
Dizzy Just Thinking About It!!!!

More Kartwheels for Kassidy in Blacksburg
Pat Vaughn

When I was much younger and more agile, I used to absolutely love to do cartwheels and round offs.  I would practice for what seemed like hours to get the finish just right or to make sure my toes were pointed or even better, to make sure I was perfectly perpendicular.  Well, those days are long gone.  These days I can barely get up the nerve to try a cartwheel, must less practice.  Good news though!!!!  Last Friday, June 8th from 6:00-6:30pm, thirty (30) gymnasts completed more than 3,000 cartwheels at the New River Valley Gymnastics/ Epperly Elite Training Center.  "We are so glad to help Kassidy and her family in this way, and we will submit any future funds raised for her as more of our members contribute," said Christie Epperly-Lawless.  This event has raised $1,068 so far with more expected.    Gymnasts have raised nearly $14,000 so far in their efforts to support Kassidy's fight.  

June 14, 2007
Walking for Kassidy

200 Walkers
Pat Vaughn

The Floyd County HS Track was the place to be on Friday, June 8th where walkers came out to support in 'Walk for Kassidy.'   "Currently we have raised $9,833 from the Walk for Kassidy!  We are still expecting a few more donations through out the week.  Friday night, we had more than 200 walkers, and 300 people who attended the event," said Justin Burcham one of the event organizers.   The outstanding show of support for not only SameFight, but for Kassidy is once again very appreciated by SameFight.  Kassidy was scheduled to visit Virginia Prosthetics this week to be fitted for her prosthetic leg.  Plans are to have her leg ready in about a week.   She can't wait to be able to walk again!!    She is such a strong young lady and she continues to encourage others around her. 

Thank you for all of your help and support to this event!


June 13, 2007

We sailed for Kassidy!!
Amy Goff, Teammate Volunteer

Set Sail for Kassidy

On June 6, 2007 we set sail for Kassidy at the Copper Hill Child Care.  It was great!  We had 3 adults and 9 children who stayed on the boat all night. The spaghetti dinner was a sell out! We had planned to serve 300 hundred and sold out by 6:30pm. We prepared more. We guessed we served over 450. Music was great. Tug a war between the fire departments really was a great attraction. Roanoke County did win in two rounds. Kassidy came out to watch. She looked fantastic! The children were very happy to see her. We raised over $5,000.00 and had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped!!!

Click here to view photo's of the event.

June 8, 2007
Special Condolences

Wonderful Gesture
Tammy Foster, Danny's Wife, Kassidy's Mom and Teammate

Our condolences go out to the Patricia Sawyers family of Rocky Mount.  She was Danny's teacher in High School and lost her battle with cancer on Tuesday.  The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Kassidy through Charities.   It's amazing to us how people from our past, and really don't know our family now, would make such a gesture and think of Kassidy at their time of loss.  God Bless this family and our prayers are with them!

Thank You!

To make a donation by check, mail to:

Medical Charities of Floyd County, VA Inc. - Kassidy
100 E. Main Street, Rm 108
Floyd, VA  24091

To make a donation by credit card:
Click here to be redirected to that page.

June 5, 2007
Fore!!! A Great Cause!!

Better Late Than Never
Jason & Carrie Dalton, Teammates

The 1st annual Samefight Golf Tournament was not only a huge sucess but a wonderful time of fellowship.  The golf tournament held at Great Oaks Country Club in Floyd County raised $14, 200!  Some of the participants agreed that this was the best golf tournament they had played in in a while and the most fun they had while raising money for such a good cause!  The tournament had a great turnout of over 45 teams while breakfast, lunch and dinner was provided for all teams!  Wonderful prizes were given away for various things. 
A big thank you to the ones who put in their own personal time in organizing and making sure everyone enjoyed themselves.  Will Griffin, Allen Thompson, Chris Bond, Jason Dalton, and Ryan Turman for all the organizing, Angela Via for all the signs and banners, Roger Hollandsworth for donating many various items, Jessica Warren for the 107.1 PSK live broadcast, and of course the many volunteers that helped!  Thanks to Great Oaks Country Club for allowing the tournament to be held in the samefight community.
We look forward to seeing everyone again next year with just as much success!

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  The tournament took so much time to prepare for, that our volunteers were just swamped with their real jobs to get the totals together right away. 

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