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May 15, 2007
What a Deal!

Yard Sale Fun
Pat Vaughn, Teammate

With lots of events and fun things to do in Floyd on a Saturday, there is one thing that we all love to do.....yard sale.   This past Saturday, Citizens sponsored their annual Community Yard Sale.  This year, not only were the folks looking for a great deal, but also willing to support  "We had a great turn out!  At this time we have made $1,045 on the food sales, but we still have food to sell so the number should increase.  We sold $395 in cookbooks on Saturday and we are down to about 150 books left out of the 800 that we ordered.  The have went very quickly...we have had them less than a month," said Donna Smith of Citizens.

Thank you again to all who support the Citizens Community Yard Sale and

Click here to see pictures of all the fun.

May 14, 2007
Kartwheels for Kassidy

Round and Round We Go!
Pat Vaughn, Teammate

Saturday was a day of circles for many in Blacksburg.  Circles, meaning they went over and over and over and get the point.  Forty gymnasts participated in Kartwheels for Kassidy at Virginia Techniques on Saturday,  May 12.   Performing more than 4000 cartwheels in less than 30 minutes, gymnasts and coaches raised more than $12,000 at the event.

Click here for photo's of the event.

May 9, 2007
Pretty in Pink

Bridget Thompson

Wednesday, May the 9th was "Pretty in Pink" day for Kassidy. The idea came from several Check Elementary six grade girls who wanted the school to do something to show Kassidy that they were thinking about her. The Pink idea grew and was passed along by emails, word of mouth and supporters from all around wore pink in honor of Kassidy. We have received numerous "Pretty in Pink" photos, which can be viewed in our photo album. Send your pink pictures to us and we'll add them for Kassidy and her family to see.

View Pretty in Pink Photos

May 4, 2007
Warm Day in Dayton
Help from Ohio
Pat Vaughn
Mid April is not the warmest of weather for a garage sale, but there was no stopping this special group of Mom's in Dayton, OH.  On April 13-15, they sponsored a multifamily garage sale to benefit  A minimum of 10% of sales per person was donated and most members donated even more.  Erin Dutter, Spokesperson for Drama Free Momma's, wrote "Our volunteers worked very hard to ensure this garage sale was a success, and it was!  Despite the winter temperatures and rain, we are very happy to announce that we raised $1,072.  We would also like to thank Abuelos Mexican Restaurant in Beavercreek for donating the "queso balls."  When someone gave a separate donation to SameFight, they received a ball that entitles them to a free queso appetizer at Abuelos.  Many people told volunteers that the only reason they were coming out in such weather was to help the boys after they looked at the SameFight website.  We were genuinely touched by the generosity of the Dayton community." 
What a blessing these ladies are to SameFight.  Now that it's garage sale season, won't you consider donating a portion of your proceeds to SameFight?  Email us at if we can help with advertising or brochures. 
One special note; our apologies to the Mom's in Dayton for not posting this earlier.

May 1, 2007 Newsletter Debut!

On Tuesday, May 1, 2007 sent out it's first email newsletter.
Bridget Thompson

Our original intent was to provide a monthly newsletter, but the months came and went so fast that we couldn't keep up. With an all volunteer staff, has managed to process hundreds of well wishes, events and news. Future plans are for this to be the first of many newsletters we will publish quarterly.

Each quarter you'll read articles from the team and also from the families. Desirae Harman, Chance's Mom, is writing a summary of how they got to this point medically. She also has plans to begin entering a series of stories that detail the many signs that God has shown them along the way. We will keep up with the Foster's and their progress as well.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty!

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