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June 22, 2010
Leaving Home

By now most everyone is aware of recent events in our lives which mean we have to relocate.  A.J., Isaiah, and I arrived here in Bloomington, Illinois yesterday after a couple of hectic weeks of preparation to rejoin Travis, who has been here since May 22nd.

It is probably a good thing that I did not try to write this update during the past few weeks…  It has been a little harder for me to adjust to this change (and will continue to be).  However, when we arrived at the Redbird Arena on the Illinois State University campus, where Travis will begin his college coaching career, I knew that God placed us here for good reason.

Many of you know that Travis had the privilege of working with the women’s basketball team at the United States Air Force Academy during the ’05-’06 season.  That was a great group of women both on the team and on staff.  They loved our boys and spoiled them rotten.  Joshua was so proud of his daddy on that sideline and never wanted to miss a game.  Many of our family’s memories have revolved around sports, both before and during our time in Floyd.

Though we are very disappointed that Travis will not be on the Floyd County sidelines anymore, we are trying to keep open hearts to the possibility that God has that special plan in store for the Cantrells—plans that we never would have had the strength to pursue three years ago or even one year ago.  It is a big deal to leave all of our family and many friends; to leave the final earthly dwelling place of our child; to leave a safe haven where people love and protect us.  However, we know that God is everywhere, and we have faith that He will continue to bless us and the relationships we have come to cherish with friends in every place we have ever lived.

We thank God for each and every day He allows us to take up space here and hope we are doing it right!  May He bless you all until next time…


P.S.  We’ll be on Facebook, and if you want to check out Travis’ interview at ISU, visit

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