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January 18, 2008

We continue to be so grateful for the prayers that ascend to heaven on our behalves.  Thought you should all know that we made it through our Christmas peacefully.  We managed to have a happy New Years’ thanks to excellent friends who continue to look out for us.  When I catch myself frowning, I try to focus on the work that is left to be done here, for surely there is much.

Many folks may know that one important thing we are doing is establishing a scholarship in Joshua’s name.  Travis and I have a very vested interest in the students of this county, and we have chosen to try to do something to honor Joshua that may also benefit these young folks.  Therefore, the 1st Annual FCHS Alumni Games on March 22nd and the High Noon for Hope Concert on March 29th will be our two events to benefit what we are calling Joshua’s HOPE.  My dad came up with this acronym, “HOPE” to stand for “Helping Out by Promoting Education” which is just what our goal is.  Applications will be available at the FCHS guidance office for students who are interested.  Additionally, I think that each of these events should be a lot of fun for Floyd County b-ball fans and anyone who appreciates some great four-part harmony, such as that of the High Noon Band’s!

Our second mission so far in 2008 involves Relay for Life.  Desiree Harman and I are advocating for the schools in the county to sponsor a Cancer Awareness Week sometime during the Spring semester.  We want to make sure that the kids are educated about the nature of the disease that has affected them so closely in the past year.  We should not be so naïve as to think that they will not be affected by it in the future, though we pray that they may have some understanding of what it is and what they can do to prevent it or help those who can’t.  Your prayers and support for these endeavors are appreciated as well.

We must believe that God left us here for a purpose, or perhaps several.  Thanks in advance for supporting these projects in memory of all of our Samefight angels in the hopes that we can make a difference.  Whether it be through support of scholarships for local kids or support of organizations that will help others in medical need like Relay for Life, the American Red Cross, or Floyd’s own Medical Charities, our ultimate hope is that we can fulfill these missions that have been placed on our hearts.

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