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October 2, 2007
Safely through September

One morning at school a few weeks ago, I accidentally wrote "October" on the board in my classroom instead of "September."  When one of my students asked what made me do that, I thought out loud that maybe I was just ready for September to be over with.

September was such a beautiful (albeit dry) month in Floyd that I sincerely regret my synicism now.  It's just that I did not know what to expect on September 17, Joshua's birthday.  I am happy to report that September 17 was a gorgeous day-- same as it has been since the day he was born.  Every year we were fortunate enough to do an outdoor celebration that was nothing short of perfect-- one in each state that Joshua lived in!  Given the circumstances, this year was no different.

Our ever-supportive family and friends helped us honor the 4th anniversary of Joshua's birth by selecting books to be donated to the Jesse Peterman Memorial Library, decorating "his" rock in our backyard with special drawings in chalk, and releasing balloons (A.J.'s favorite) with messages to be sent express-mail to heaven.  We also planted some lovely new flowers at his special place up on Black Ridge.

We are so grateful for your prayers on this day.  Of course it was not without sadness, but I see no reason why September 17th should not always continue to be celebrated as one of the happiest days of my life.  And as for September as a whole, I will not be as negative about this month next year.  Even though it will never be the same since Joshua left, it also will never be the same since he came.  September, to me, will always be Joshua.

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