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- Heavenly Birthday #3

    3 years.  At times that seems like an eternity...other times it was just yesterday.  We sit here tonight watching "Wipeout".  As we sit and laugh we remember how Kassidy would watch this show and laugh so hard! It's a good memory.  Still makes me a little misty eyed...even the good memories hurt sometimes.  We know that it is a part of life now to have "one of those days" or "a moment" when something triggers the memories and the hurt seeps in.  I get those alot on the way to work in the mornings when I'm riding by myself and a song will come on the radio that Kass liked or reminds me of Kass and the tears start.  Nothing like going to work with red eyes!  But, not always do they make me cry, sometimes I just smile because I know Kassidy is sending me a message.  Sometimes that is more comforting...the pink sunrise, the songs, and then there are the random memories when you wonder "what made me think of that?"'s Kass just saying Hi!

  So, what have we been doing lately?  Well, earlier this year we were invited to speak at a church in Roanoke about Kassidy.  Kassidy's cancer doctor, Mandy Meck had gotten married and her husband is a pastor at this church.  She wanted us to come and speak about suffering.  Courtney had her last cheer competition with the Rockers that weekend in Va Beach so Danny went and talked.  Mandy said he did a very good job, there wasnt a dry eye in the church.  Our feelings are that Kassidy did not really suffer.  God doesnt give you more than you can take. 

  Courtney finished the season with a competition cheer team from Blacksburg, the Rockers All Stars.  She enjoys it and she can still keep her tumbling skills from gymnastics.  She has practiced with them this summer and they have tryouts in Aug for this coming year.  Also, she tried out for the JV cheering squad at her high school for football season and she made the squad.  Her back is doing better but still hurts every now and then.

  This summer for vacation we went back to Hershey Park, PA.  We had been there before with Kassidy.  As we walked around the park we remembered things that she did, the rides she liked,etc.  It was nice and made us smile to know she had fun there.  Tara Wheeler, Miss VA 2008, called us to tell us she would be in Hershey as well singing the national anthem at the Hockey Championship game.  We met her on Tues and had lunch outside Hershey Park.  It was great to see her again and to see that she still wears her Kassidy bracelet.  We love you Tara!!

  We just want to say "Thank You" to everyone that still goes to Kassidyspage.  And for all the comments on the guest book.  It still amazes us that people from all over the world is reading her story.  We still find it hard to believe how many lives she has touched and how many people tell us what an inspiration her story is and how it has helped them deal with their own problems.  She has given them hope and faith to keep moving forward and take one day at a time.  To make the best of every moment.  Please continue to check back as we will continue to update.  And please still keep us in your prayers.  God Bless you all!


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