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Hello Everyone! Sorry it's been a while since we updated
but life has been very busy. Things have changed alot in
the last few months. Courtney had been having alot of back
pain and after visits to the Dr, CT scans and orthopedic
visits we were told she has bilat L5 ( last vertebrae in her
spine) stress fractures. The orthopedic Spine Specialist
told us that her back would never completly heal so the
gymnastics competing is over. She went from 20 hrs
gymnastics practice a week to having to sit on the couch and
do nothing! This was a big transition for her, and for us
as well. But the good news is that it happened at a good
time. She started High School this year, made 8th grade
cheerleading, and was on the 8th grade Homecoming court.
This was the start of a new chapter for her life. Now her
back is feeling some better and we are going to start some
exercises to strengthen her muscles and hopefully she wont
have any more trouble. We spent alot of time going to
Football games and volleyball games. This has been fun and
has helped Courtney feel like part of the school. Now she
has made 8th grade cheerleading for basketball and the games
start next week, also Danny is going to referee again for
the VHSL basketball and those games are starting, so we will
be back on the run again!! But we love it!!

Last weekend we went to the mock meet at gymnastics so we
could see all of our friends from the gym. One of Kass's
friends that is a freshman at JMU showed us the tattoo she
had done on the inside of her foot and ankle. It said
Kassidy with a ribbon and 7-16-07. Of course I cried, but
cant believe someone would want to do this in memory of
Kass. I am honored that Kassidy touched her life so that
she wanted to do that. You can see a picture of the tattoo
on my facebook page (Tammy Austin Foster). It is an awesome

Before Kassidy got sick, there was a building at the end of
our road that was a storage building. We had heard that the
guy that owned it wanted to make it a store. Kass was so
excited and said she was going to ride the lawn mower to the
store everyday and get a chocolate bar. We would laugh
because she LOVED chocolate. We have been waiting a while
but that place is finally a store and it just opened this
week. SO.......this weekend, Me, Danny and Courtney will be
getting on the lawn mower and riding to that store to get
that chocolate bar!! Just for Kass!! We will savor every
bite in honor of Kass.

I promise that I will update again soon but for now remember
to hug your kids, kiss you loved ones and tell them you love
them. We never know what the future holds so make the most
of every moment!

We thank for continuing to check this website. God Bless
you All!!
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