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Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and spent time with their mothers and loved ones.   We had a cookout and spent time with Tammy's mother,father,sister,brother-in-law and their two kids.  We had a good time but bitter sweet as well.  We took pictures of the three girls outside in the grass...where we used to take pictures of the four of them!  And thinking today of Danny's mom that passed away in 2001.  I know that her and Kassidy sent the beautiful sunshine for us to enjoy the day! 

Last weekend we helped at the SameFight golf tournament in Floyd.  We enjoy giving back to this organization for all that they did for us during Kassidys fight.  And we will continue to help raise money to help the next child in Floyd county that has cancer...because we know that there will be another.  This disease will continue to take our children when we least expect it!  The number of children with cancer is unbelievable.  But we will continue on to help others that may have to go through this horrific journey.

School is almost out and we will continue to busy this summer.  Courtney will be going to gymnastics everyday M-F from 8a-12p.  She will get out of school then have one week before she leaves to go to gymnastics camp in Crossville,TN. Then the nex weekend some of the team will be going to a Regional camp.  So she will be busy right after school lets out.  She is learning new skills in gymnastics right now and is very excited!  The girls enjoy learning new things and then they will have all summer to perfect them before starting to compete again in the fall.  And then she will be going to High School.  It doesn't seem possible that our little girl is growing up!! 

Just recently I read on a caring bridge site from a lady that had lost her child.....she said that it's something that you never get's something you learn to live with.  We are approaching the two year anniversary for Kassidy going to Heaven. We have still struggled through the year and still shed tears frequently.  No one can understand unless you have been in our shoes.  The overwhelming grief that sneaks up on you and hits you so hard.  People look at us and tells us how strong we are....that makes me want to laugh sometimes because inside we are falling apart!!  It is impossible to measure the pain we experience or fully understand the difficulty of what we are walking through.  Understanding the loss can only come through the heart that has suffered the same. 

We continue to pray for all those families that are still fighting and a special prayer for the friend Kassidy had in the hospital, Skylar, that is still fighting this monster!

Again, Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  God Bless you all!!


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