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This update will be in two parts.  One from Tammy and part from Danny.

I'm sorry it has been so long since we updated.  We have been very busy with Courtney's gymnastics competitions.  We are almost finished for the season.  She has a competition this weekend and then State finals in two weeks.  I hope everyone got a chance to see the news cast on the Kassidy's Rock Star meet that was held at Christiansburg Middle School.  This was a great event and all went well.  Kassidy would be so proud of our gym and how much support the gymnastics community has given to us.  The reporter that did the story, Lauren Sisler, was a gymnast as well.  When Kassidy first started gymnastics at Roanoke Academy, Lauren was her "big sister" there.  So it was kinda cool that she could now do the story about the meet dedicated to Kassidy.  Va Techniques gave out several "Kassidy" awards and even gave out a scholarship to a week of gymnastics camp that our gym attends at FlipFest in Crossville,TN.  The meet was a great success!!

Also, Miss Virginia, Tara Wheeler is partnering with St. Baldricks Foundation to raise money for Pediatric cancer.  She is an advocate for the Childrens Miracle Network and has worked with many children with Cancer.  She met Courtney when she came to Check Elementary.  Courtney gave her one of the bracelets with "Kassidy- Our Champion" on it.  And told her the story of Kassidy.  Go to and go to the article that says "Miss Virginia goes Bald for a cure".  She mentions meeting Courtney and that she wears Kassidys bracelet in her memory.  Please go to the St. Baldricks website and read all that they are doing to raise money!  This is a wonderful gesture from someone that we have never met and that Courtney must have made an impression on for her to remember Kassidy.

I cant believe that so many people are still being touched by Kassidys life.  We feel th iis is the reason that we have went through this struggle and that God chose Kassidy.  He knew others would be touched and hopefully turn to Him more. Although we are pleased and excited about all the things done in Kassidys memory I cant say that everything has been wonderful, just fine,etc.  because I think this year has been more of a struggle to be "normal".  It seems that this has been harder and we struggle more to cope with the pain of her loss.  We can remember her more and some days that memory can bring a smile.  And other days that same memory can bring such sadness.  The struggle is that you never know when an object, place,etc.  will trigger that overwhelming sadness of loss.  Not every day is sad, but not a day goes by that we dont think of her.  I Miss You Kass!!   

God Bless everyone that still thinks of and prays for our family      ---Tammy


My heart is still aching like it was July 2007 but not every day.  Some days I go back to that exact day, hour and minute when Kass lost her fight here on Earth.  I feel like Kassidy wants and needs me to now carry a smile and not show pain because though she was in pain, she really never showed it to the extreme that I think she could have.  As the days without her still are challenging, I will try my hardest to honor her bravery with a smile.  Alot of people still ask our family how we are doing.  There are really no words, and dont be surprised if we say "fine " or "OK" because for so long I watched Kassidy mask her pain and we learn from the pro how to do that. 

When things are going good in life and we dont have a care in the world, we all too often forget about God.  But at the first hint of trouble, we are on our knees asking God for help.  God uses time like this to bring us closer to Him and to fulfill his purpose for our lives.  Our purpose is to know God and make Him known.  Tammy and I hope that God has used this trial in our life to help us know Him better and to make himself known to others.  We have to rememeber that  Gods promise never returns empty.  His words stand true forever. 

I will be forever touched by Kassidys life!  I dont want to ever forget the wisdom she received from Jesus, because of her simple child-like faith, she has taught me how I should live the Christian life.  I remember when she was first diagnosed, she kept her eyes on the cross....I mean literally kept her eyes on the cross.  We have a cross at home that is about a foot tall and it sat on our TV.  But when Kassidy was at home she would have us bring it closer to her where she could see it better. 

She told Tammy one day that she thought cancer was just for old people.  Tammy told her that cancer didn't care about age.  She said "that's OK mom, I'm still smiling".  If you ever have cancer you have to have faith and talk to Jesus.  And talk to him she did! In her suffering, Jesus held her close and revealed to her secrets of Gods Kingdom.  Many people talk to me about how they prayed for my family and are still praying for us.  I still wonder why Kass was chosen.  She knows why, when she got to Heaven and saw her rewards, she found out.  I have no answer to why she suffered on Earth but I know that Jesus held her every step of the way, carrying Kassidy and our family all the way through the valley of suffering.

Children with cancer are like candles.  The danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from no where.  And yet, as they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those who watch their light.  Kassidys light will shine forever!      --Danny

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